Thursday 22 January 2015

Offers For Students In Leeds! (Leeds Trinity)

Meow so this post is going to be all about offers. Yes, offers! I know that now and again, us students need some discount to help us get along within life. Now, the amazing guys at Trinity Leeds have created an app called Love Trinity. I am going to talk about the offers and how to get in on them in a while and the offers you can get with an NUS card in Leeds and Trinity Leeds as well but when in Leeds, we always need a little help on the penny pinching nowadays... .,
So Trinity Leeds have helped me within the past, they helped me create my fashion guide and they have also invited me to the Cabana VIP Event which was amazing. I can't thank them enough. Trinity have cared about the students of Leeds and other people and decided to create a discount/loyalty card. This has been on the cards for ages and makes sense as there is so many great stores within Trinity Leeds which makes it easy to spend a lot of money and not realising.

The concept of the card is within three steps. You start on Bronze level then you have to scan the card 10 times with a purchase of £25 every time to upgrade to Silver and 10 more times to Gold. Now I know this sounds like a lot of spending but with each level you get different levels of offers. You start on Bronze when you register so you already get some offers which will help you out when you're out and about in Leeds. You can either download the app and scan it on your phone or you can get a card from the Customer Service Lounge in Trinity. I am now going to go on about the offers that you can get with the card and then I will mention the offers you can get with a NUS card within trinity as every penny counts!

Love Trinity:
  • 10% Discount at Cabana
  • £5 off at Burton
  • 25% off Food at Chicago Rib Shack
  • 15% Discount at Pulp
  • 10% Discount at Coast
  • 10% Discount at ROX
  • Free Bag of Chips at Chip + Fish
  • 20% Off Any T-Shirt at Jack & Jones
  • 10% Discount at Open
  • 10% Discount at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Gift Wrapping at A|X Armani Exchange
  • 5% Off at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Frothy Cappuccino at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • 5% Discount at Hotel Chocolat Roast & Conch
  • 5% Discount at Hotel Chocolat
  • 10% Discount at Joe Delucci's
  • Free Green Tea/Soup at Yo Sushi
  • Free Starter at Nando's
  • 15% Discount at Crepeaffaire
  • Free Morning/Evening Muffin at Muffin Break
  • Two Burgers for £10 at Handmade Burger Company
  • 10% Discount at Warehouse
  • 10% Discount at boutique. Goldsmiths
  • Free Eye Examination at Vision Express
  • Free Eye Examination at Vision Optics
  • Free Engraving at The Pen Shop
  • Free Goodie Bag at The Entertainer
  • 10% Discount at Blott
  • 10% Off Car Parking
  • Two Free Cocktails at MEATLiquor Leeds
  • 15% Discount at ROX
  • Free Lens Upgrade at Vision Express
  • Free Plate at Yo! Sushi
  • 10% Discount at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Alterations on Denim at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free T Shirt at Jack and Jones
  • Free T Shirt at OPEN
  • 15% Discount at Coast
  • 15% Discount at Warehouse
  • Diamond Cleaning at Phillip Stoner
  • Half Price Second Scoop at Joe Delucci's
  • £1 Burger or Salad at Handmade Burger Co
  • Free Glass of Prosecco at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • Free Money Box at Chicago Rib Shack
  • 20% Discount at PizzaLuxe
  • BOGOF at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Tea/Coffee at Crepeaffaire
  • 20% off Parking
  • 50% Off Your Bill at MEATLiquor Leeds
  • Entry to VIP Events at ROX
  • 20% off Sunglasses at Vision Express
  • 20% Discount at Yo!Sushi
  • £20 Gift Card at Coast
  • 15% Discount at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Ink Refills at The Pen Shop
  • 20% Discount at ROX
  • 20% Discount at Warehouse
  • 10% Discount at Phillip Stoner
  • Free Bottle Of Wine at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Burger or Salad at Handmade Burger Co
  • Free Crepe at Crepeaffaire
  • Free Membership at Everyman
  • Stylish Session at OPEN
  • £10 Voucher at Chicago Rib Shack
  • Free Cocktail at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • Second Scoop Free at Joe Delucci's

  • Zizzi in Leeds - 25% off your bill
  • 20% off at Warehouse and Coast
  • 10|% off at Accessorize
  • Up to 15% off Mac & 4% on iPad plus special pricing on AppleCare Protection Plan - Apple Store
  • 10% off Aldo in Leeds
  • 10% off at Oasis
  • 20% off at Giraffe
  • 10% off at La Senza
  • 10% off at Office
  • 15% off at Claires
  • Free Hamburger, Cheeseburger or McFlurry when you purchase a Extra Value Meal at McDonalds
If you want to get any of these offers then get a NUS card for £12 a year from 

So, I know this has been a bit different but I hope you have liked this blog post! If you use any of these offers then don't forget to let me know by tweeting me on Twitter! I hope you have an amazing week and I hope to see you next time!


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