Friday 2 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas

Meow, so I've been trying to film the video to this for the past two days but it keeps being corrupt so I thought that I would do the blog post before the video goes up after I slowly break down if it doesn't work with the camera when I film it again... So this is basically going to be a little post on what I got for christmas... I did a get a lot of Lush products so they shall be saved for another video/post. So, I shall begin!

So the first thing that I am going to talk about is piercings. Now, yes I am a teenager and the whole rebellious thing springs to your mind but my parents don't mind any choice that I make so its not really a rebellious thing, it's more of a thing that I've wanted for a few years and finally mustered up the courage to get them... I may do another blog post on explaining about them but I'm not that sure yet. I have an ear lobe piercing and a lip piercing which are both healing this very minute.

So the next thing I am going to talk about is clothing.

The first item of clothing that I am going to talk about is an Asking Alexandria band top from Pulp... I wondered into Pulp as I think it as a alternative shrine. The staff are lovely, the store is organised and its just such a great store. I normally look at their band merch first but they have a sale on at the moment so I looked at the sale rails.. They still have a sale on at the minute so go and look at their website or go into the nearest Pulp store and pick up some great things! I then went to the band merch section and found a Blink top that I loved but as I already have a Blink 182 top so I opted for a nice yet different Asking Alexandria top. It has the obvious logo of their band on it with a little slogan and design which I thought was nice and cute so I bought it. It was £15 or 2 for £25.
Asking Alexandria top - £15 - Pulp

The next piece of clothing that I am going to talk about is the shirt that I got from Burton. Now, I got this from the sales rack, Its a formal sort of shirt with a monochrome microdot detail. You can wear this to an event and make it a showstopper within a smart outfit or you can throw it on top of a tshirt and create a great layering look for a casual look or an outfit for a cold day. I love the fact that it has a unique microdot pattern to it. I love black clothing so when I saw this. I instantly knew that I must have it. The fact that it is £12 on sale made it an instant buy. I love these sort of shirts.
Black Microdot Shirt - £12 - Burton

The final piece of clothing that I bought was a long sleeve raglan inspired top. Now I don't have a picture as Primark are a bit weird so unless i take a picture then you won't see it... (Check my social media within the next week and there shall be a picture of it on there by then...) This top is black again which i love but has floral long sleeves. Now, I love floral clothing so I instantly wanted it. The top also has a little logo on it which makes it sort of pop punky which I absolutely love! I shall wear this piece when I feel a bit insecure about my arms or when its nippy. Nippy? Cold basically... Nippy is a weird word. It's priced at £8. You'll find it somewhere in the men's section after all of the post-Christmas jumpers.

So the next thing is Lush... Just a little quick mention. 

So, basically, I got given quite a few Christmas products from Lush as presents. I also got given a Lush gift card which I spent whilst shopping so I shall mention all of the products that I got in another blog post as it shall be very long! Look out for that! 

The last sort of category is accessories or miscellaneous

So this is probably the actual bit of what I got from other people for Christmas except for money. So, I shall start with a little gift set. Yay for gift sets!

So this gift set was given by my grandparents. This is a the Ultimate Collection giftset from Marks & Spencer's. This consists of three little deodorant cans which I shall use when travelling. Mainly for when I need a touch up. The second gift set that I was given was a Lynx gift set. I can't remember the scent name but its one that you can get for men and women. The mens scent is a general musky leather scent. 

The other gifts that I got include a mug... That sounds so weird... Shall I explain? 

On Christmas Day, at the dinner table, my grandparents gave me two gifts. One of them was the gift set from M&S. (Look above.) and the other was a glass mug... This mug was wrapped in cellophane and tied safely with ribbon. Within the mug, there was a pile of chocolates which was pretty great. This was a great sort of personalised present. The mug had E=MC2 on the side which is sort of funny as I am in College at the minute trying to be smart and great and whatnot where as I am the typical student trying not to break down from the amount of work that I get. I have no clue where this is from so look online for personalised mugs. 

The last thing that I am going to talk about is one of my favourites. It is the What I Call Tour DVD by Miranda Hart.

It is such a great DVD! If you know me at all then you will know that I love Miranda Hart's comedy. Her shenanigans remind me of my adventures. Most of her comedy is very relatable! The DVD basically films her London tour date at The O2. The tour has a slumber party element to it with her buffet cart, party food gun, songs and matchmaking. It is mainly funny anecdotes. This is all that I can say without ruining it for you as it is such fun! It is around £10-15 from good all shops. I got it as a present as my family know I love Miranda! (I can't believe her sitcom has finished but thats another story!)
What I Call such a good DVD as it is such fun! 
So, this is the end of this blog post. I hope that you have liked what I got for Christmas/within the sales. If you got anything or if you didn't venture into the sales then comment and tell me. I have no life so I would love to read your comments! I shall be uploading the video to this asap and I shall be writing the Lush post asap as well... Don't forget to check out my YouTube and such. I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you next time!
*meows, shouts such fun and disappears*

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