Tuesday 6 January 2015

January Joy 1 - Isabelle Collins

Meow, so welcome to a little series that I am doing throughout January. This is going to be called January Joy. This will consider of promoting other blogs out of politeness and showing you what blogs you should follow for the year. The first blog that I am going to talk about is taintedblues.co.uk or Isabelle Collins.

Isabelle is an amazing girl. She is also a YouTuber which means she can describe things in more details on her blog. The background of the blog is very professional yet simplistic and classy. Tainted Blues titles at the top then her posts are straight below.

Her blog is a mixture of everything really. Ranging from poetry and writing to lifestyle and beauty and everything in between. Isabelle's blog shows herself within the website which gives the readers a insight to what to expect. Her writing can be random yet interesting as she scribbles down her mind within the space of the page expecting the viewers to relate. This shows what a true and honest girl she is.

Her latest post consists mainly of home décor. Cute pictures of ornaments and candles showing cuteness but darkness at the same time. Darkness in a good way. Not murder but seductiveness darkness. The darkness that you don't know of. Candles show how much she loves the scents and concept of being able to burn away her troubles in a beautiful smelling room.

Her blog is amazing yet interesting and I love her as a friend. That sounds cheesy but she puts all of her effort into her blog and YouTube and it would mean a lot if you checked her out. If you love any of the things that I have mentioned above or wanting to check out her writing then you should check her out as it is amazing.

Isabelle's blog/website is http://www.taintedblues.co.uk/
I want this month to be filled of amazing things and amazing bloggers so I shall try to do as many as these as I want mentioning amazing people.

I hope you like this post and I hope to see you soon!

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