Sunday 28 December 2014

Boxing Day Sale Shopping with Luke

Meow, so me and my brother (Luke - went shopping in Leeds as we couldn't go in on Boxing Day, So I thought that I would do a blog post about what happened... A video will be going up on my channel as soon as possible about it... Don't forget to check out my Facebook (it is literally the website then /thejamiesowden. So I shall tell you about my adventure!

So it began with the general getting ready which didn't take that long. We headed out after having the essential things that we needed and then ventured out into the now snowy terrain. British weather decided to give us a 'winter wonderland' once Christmas Day had came and gone. We headed to the bank. (As on Christmas Day, I thought I had lost my wallet somewhere... It turns out that it was at my Dads,,,) I basically went to order a new card which we did eventually thanks to snow and then ventured into Bradford City Centre. We then hiked up the hill to get to the train station whilst trying to vlog and weave ourselves around people. We got to the train station and this is where the chaos begun...

We made our way up the escalator to the ticketing booth and ticketing machines and thought of nothing. We went through and then realised that it was packed which was obvious because it was the day after Boxing Day. What we didn't realise that many trains had been delayed including the Leeds train. We waited 45 minutes until an annoucement that a Leeds train would be coming as soon as possible which meant that we were losing a lot of shopping time as I like to get home before its absolutely dark as eye sight and such start to stop functioning as much as they would within daylight. We finally clambered onto a train and made our way to Leeds. Yay, finally!

We finally got into leeds and realised that it was already 12... Luke instantly wanted his new iPhone... So we had to swerve in and out of people until we reached the gleaming contemporary white/glass encrusted store. Tech heaven basically. We got inside the store and instantly was introduced by a member of Apple staff. The hot geek male birth shrine. We were greeted by a man called Adam who helped us by instantly talking and getting us an iPhone 6+ for Luke to buy. We chatted a bit about Lush and other things. He then greeted us to another staff member called Adam and left us... Goodbye Adam 1 and hello Adam 2. This guy literally oozed lumbersexuality. It was such a good mixture of geek and lumber.. Ooft. He helped Luke find the newly located lock button and registering the phone and such. We downloaded some apps after the second Adam sorted that out whilst beforehand Adam 1 had transferred my sim over to Luke's old phone so I had time to wipe the phone clean and set that up. We did all of this and then headed to The Perfume Shop.

NB: This is where the pictures may kick in...

We literally walked from one side of the floor to the other (via going out one door and going into the other side... Don't judge us...) We walked into the bright red topped store and scanned around to see what took our fancy. Lots of perfumes encased in glass via the counters. I got sample smell of the men perfumes that I talked about on my gift guide then got a sample smell of the Hugo Boss: Red as Luke wanted this and it was on offer. We talked to the staff member for a few minutes then Luke purchased his aftershave and then we wondered out of the store.
Amateur Photo of The Perfume Shop front
The next place that I wandered into was Pulp. I left Luke outside for this as Pulp is slightly small but its also my heaven and if I let you come in here with me if you normally don't go in then I am letting you into one of my safety zones when shopping. I wandered around and said hi to the staff members as they had a sale on. Now as I didn't really want to break into a note, I didn't get anything but I looked at some amazing band merch and some amazing jumpers. They have a sale on at the minute and I urge you to pop in especially if you've never been in... 
A sale is apparently happening

That little piece of alternative heaven.
The next place that we ventured to was Costa. I needed a break even though when we got into the coffee store, we didn't ger that much of a break. We queued and then finally ordered. I ordered a brownie hot chocolate and Luke ordered a Black Forest Hot Chocolate. Whilst the barista made it, I went to search for a table.. I finally found one and shoved my coat on a chair and ran back to the drinks. I then guided Luke with a tray contain two drinks to a table. We chatted, sorted things on our phones out and then decided to conquer the rest of the day. 

We then went to Love Aroma.. Now I aren't going to go into detail about this new shop as I am already doing a separate blog post on the shop. This shop sells candles including the infamous brand Yankee Candle and other brands. They had a sale on and I took a few photos but we got two candles in the end as they have a sale on all festive/seasonal candles at the minute... Basically if its a Christmas Limited Edition candle then it has 25% off. Check out the blog post on this store which shall be up soon! 
New Love Aroma Shop
We then made our way to Lush... Chaos was going to erupt. The day before, Lush had put up a sale on their website for Boxing Day which was to get rid of any excess Christmas products. Last year, it wasn't that bad and I got quite a lot of products but this year by the time that we had gotten there it was a different story. We went and we literally could just about get in the store. It was mad. There was no bath bombs which was a good sign for Lush even though I wanted to see if there was any Golden Wonder left because they were so good! I searched for lip scrubs which had sold out which was annoying as I wanted one as they had been raved about and the limited edition one was cherry cola flavoured and I wanted to try it but after nearly having a panic attack I got a 500ml bottle of Hot Toddy and Luke got the same and a 500ml bottle of So White as he loves apple scented things. I do have quite a few Lush products as it is so I didn't need more so I didn't mind that much.

The next place that we went to was Whittards. Whittards is a tea shop from Chelsea that have shops all over the UK. The staff are lovely. There is this lovely woman at the Leeds store called Sarah who is just so helpful and friendly. Luke loves here as he loves tea. This shop is tea personified. He wanted a unique flavour for the New Year.. Y'know echoing the whole New Year, New Me stuff.. We talked to Sarah and catched up a bit and talked about general stuff. Luke was offered a blend... I can't remember the name of it but it smelt of strawberry laces or the Gingerbread and Orange one... He chose the Gingerbread & Orange one which was on sale for £3. I had a sample of this last time as it was brand new and they do little samples of new teas and such and I loved it! I piped up and went can I have a bag as well please? We spoke a bit more and purchased our products after Luke got some Vanilla Shortbread tea and we were off after wishing Sarah a Happy New Year of course!

We went into The Body Shop and had a quick browse as everything is on some sort of sale! We went around and noticed Body Butters were half price and festive products were on offer. Luke got something of each festive scent and we headed out as we just wanted to pop in quickly. 

We headed back to Trinity, I left Luke in the customer services lounge whilst I had a look in Primark. I found some stuff and realised it will be easier to get them when I'm in on Tuesday. Check the blog post which will be about Tuesday.

So, this is the end of the post. I know it's not been great but I hope you've liked it. Don't forget to comment with any sale purchases that you make! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time! A video will be up tomorrow about this so check my channel/social media sites for that! 

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