Saturday 20 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Women

Meow, so this blog post is going to be another gift guide! Yay! So as we are in the festive season, I thought that I would do gift guides for late festive shoppers so this one shall be for what to buy women.

So the first section that I will talk about is perfumery. Perfume is always a great thing to get a woman as they can wear it all of the time and hang the jewelled bottle on their dresser which makes it feel contemporaty and exquisite. Anywho, I shall talk about different perfumes of a different price range/different scents.

So the first perfume that I am going to talk about is the DKNY: Red Delicious. Why? Mainly because of it's colour as it is a red bottle which I think is very festive at this time of year. The scent is mainly consisted of Champagne, Lychee, Raspberry and Apple which gives a decadent sort of feel towards the whole perfume. The fruits in the perfume make it slightly festive but at the same time gives the whole perfume a sort of summery feeling. It is a great present for women alike especially

The next fragrance that I am going to talk about is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This is mainly more of a fragrance for younger women therefore you could give this as a gift to your daughter but it could also be given as a gift to an older female figure as it is mainly a cute but flirty fragrance. The base note is mainly white woods therefore it gives a woody scent (obviously...) but also gives a light scent towards the whole product. The heart note is mainly violet therefore it gives a light floral scent to the whole fragrance. The top notes are mainly strawberries which gives a nostalgic feel to the whole thing but also gives a very sweet scent to this very flirty fragrance. Priced from £51.50 which is expensive but is worth it if you want to give someone a present that they won't stop going on about for a good while.

The last perfume that I am going to mention is going to be Emporio Armani: Diamonds. This is a very extravagant product just by the bottle. The bottle is shaped into a literal diamond made from glass which shows how indulgent this perfume is. The base notes are vetiver, amber and vanilla which gives a slightly indulgent and sweet scent as vanilla is quite a clean but rich scent. The heart notes of this product are rose, lily of the valley, patchouli and freesia. These all give a general floral scent which is good within female fragrances as it gives off a light feeling. The top notes include lychee and raspberry which give is a little floral, sweet Middle Eastern/exotic feel thanks to the Lychees. Ranging from £38.50 onwards, this is a great gift to give to a lucky woman with the wow factor!

So this section will be the thing that Jamie never shuts up about... Yup, you've guessed it.. It's the Lush section! So the first product that I am going to suggest Lush-wise is the Snow Faity shower gel. It is very popular with women and sells out very fast, It has a very bright candy look to it but it is mainly bubblegum pink. The scent is kinda a mixture of pear drops and candy floss... The best way to put it is literally 'if pink has a scent, this would be it!' It ranges from £3.75 onwards depending on the size that you buy. The other shower gel that you should get for the women in your life is Rose Jam which reminds me of Turkish delight as rosewater is a main ingredient in Turkish Delight but ah well... The colour is a deep red/ The price is around the same as the Snow Fairy. The next product I recommend for purchase is the Shades of Earl Grey massage bar as this is a very great smelling product but it's also nostalgic to some women as it may remind them of an Afternoon Tea. It contains a lot of nutritious butters which makes your lovely lady's skin super soft.The last two gifts that I am going to talk about are the Star Light Star Bright and Dragons Egg. Star Light Star Bright is a hybrid product of a bath ballistic (bath bomb) and a bath melt. On the inside it has a mixture of butters including Coconut and Shea Butter but on the outside has a shimmery silver lustre casing. When it goes into the water, it fizzes and then turns your bath an amazing mermaid-y turquoise colour whilst the butters melt into the water which go onto your skin. This product is priced at £3.50. Get this and the others fast though as these are Christmas limited season products. This last one will have your woman oohing in the bath.. That sounds exceedingly wrong but bare with. This bath bomb beauty gives your bath scales, turns your bath water red and pops in your bath via Vegan Popping Candy which makes it sound like a dragon roaring in your bath which is pretty exciting! This ballistic is priced at £3.35 which means that it won't cost you a lot to make the Lushie in your life happy.
Dragon's Egg

Shades of Earl Grey - Massage Bar

The next thing I am going to go on about is the general presents to get the amazing women in your family. For starters, you could get them maybe a clothing item or a gift card for their favourite shop which is the best thing for someone who is picky when it comes to this time of year or someone who doesn't want you knowing their dress size... Eitherwise, you could always get them a handbag therefore you can't go wrong sizewise and the women in your life can use it for their normal day to day lives or as Sarah Millican says, 'fill it up with maltesers'... You could also get her a watch if you know that they like the bling or maybe a gift card to their favourite spa or their nearest Lush Spa?

Foodwise, you could get her the cliché box of chocolates, a big/personalised version of their favourite chocolate bar/product, some wine, a big sushi platter to make them feel like a character in SATC, a bottle of champagne or maybe a hot chocolate set for when they feel very sad.

I know it's not been a lot of ideas but I hope that you find the women in your life a present for Christmas soon! If you buy any of the above/have any ideas then don't forget to comment! My links are all in my vides on

I hope you're all well. I hope to see you next time. Have a Merry Christmas/Holidays depending on what you celebrate!
Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you next time!

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