Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas Day Shenanigans

Meow, so I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and are coping with the hangovers from the adventures of Christmas Day. Today, on Boxing Day, I am going to talk about how my Christmas Day went. I would love to know how your Christmas Day went so comment with what happened. There may be some low quality photos within this post but I'm not that sure if I want them in so I shall make my mind whilst typing this post.

So, I woke up around 8 as I woke up several times through the night but I fell back asleep which is a usual occurrence. I woke up and did the usual things eg going to the bathroom and such. I then went downstairs and sat down for five minutes. I then got given my presents as it was a lot easier as the room was in a festive state from the wrapping paper that had already been freed from its present shackles before I came downstairs.

I got given my presents and cards, opened the cards and took the presents upstairs as it was a lot easier and quieter. I got mainly money and lush products.. My family know what I am like with Lush. My presents from my father was at his as my parents are split so I spend the holidays between both families. I sorted the products out, sniffed and read the labels and thanked the family.

Me and my brother then listened to Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga after I had got a drink (non alcoholic) and then scrolled through social media for a while.

My mum and her partner then said that they were going to the pub as their friend owns it and they wanted to wish her a merry Christmas. We then said bye and me and my brother slowly got dressed. I used some of my new Baked Alaska soap and a few other cosmetic products. I put music on full blast, blow dried and straightened my hair and got dressed.

My aunty and uncle then came to say Merry Christmas. They then said that they were going to the place that we always go on Christmas Day. We locked up and made sure the dog was okay and then made our way there.. We had a couple of drinks of Coke and then came back to the house. My aunty had a problem with her phone so I sorted that out and then the chaos happened.

Christmas Dinner Time.

We all sat down and pulled crackers. I pulled one with my brother which was fun and then the food started coming. Now as there was 3 toddlers, chaos happened.. We had to make sure that they ate their food and didn't shout whilst everything was being passed around which didn't really go well.. We passed all the food around which was fun haha. I served the food to my brother as he is partially blind which took some time.

We had an interesting debate about Farage, UKIP, drugs and death which was absolutely great. We served dessert and then had another debate about the same things... We then waited until some tipsy family members were happy to go and said goodbye to them. I took some more presents from family members upstairs and then grabbed some leftovers and a drink to nibble through whilst watching TV....

I know this has been a bit shit but this is basically what happened on my Christmas Day. I hope that you like this. At this very minute, I am rendering a little vlog about the day so if you check my YouTube channel then it should be on there later tonight. I am going shopping tomorrow so I shall vlog and do a post on what I have got so look out for that. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time!

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