Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: What To Get Children

Meow, so today's blog post is going to be about what to get for children at Christmas. Sadly, this is going to be my last Gift Guide for the year. I know that they haven't been the best but I think that they've not been bad for a first attempt at Christmas blog posts. Instead of the general sections of perfume, lush, normal things and food, I am going to do sections on what to get different age ranges for Christmas. Now, remember if you get a boy a doll or a girl a spiderman, it will do them no harm and it won't affect them within their childhood or later on in life. Anyways, lets get on with the guide.

So the first age range I am going to do is for newborn to 3 years old. Now, you can get them a varied selection of things. Many people say that their children won't remember what they get on their first Christmas but it is within their critical period where children learn most things so if you get them any products that may help them learn then this will affect them in future life. I think for a cheapish option, teddies are a great option. Mainly little ones I suggest. Ones that they can keep with them within future life. You could get them mobiles (the ones for above the cot.. Not the phones haha...) You could also get them like a piano mat thing or maybe a something that talks to them.. Most of Fisher Price products do this... Wow.. You can tell that I buy lots of presents for children... That sounds slightly wrong... You could also buy them clothes as they are always apparently so cute... Most places such as Mothercare and most supermarkets do some great baby clothes which make them not too expensive.

So the next stage that I am going to talk about is from 4 year olds to 6  years olds. This is when I think it's the best time to introduce your kids to dolls and such. Maybe start off with cheap ones to begin with so if they 'accidentally' break them then its fine. I still think taking kids to places which have things like jungle gyms are great for fun and socialising so you could make a day of it and give them that as a present. I also think little cars and such are good things to give kids of this age.

7 to 10 years old next. So this is when I think you can get them the more expensive dolls/action figures and such but get them a few cheap ones if possible as there may be a good chance that they imagine murdering them for some reason and rip their heads off. I also think things such as the kids arts and crafts come into real play. I also think if possible that its good to take them out for a day as present somewhere that isn't that expensive and where kids and adults get to have fun. I also think taking them out for occasional meals come into play as they will be going to 'big' school soon so it's good to introduce them to cultured things...

Yay for children that are 11-14 because this is the age where adults start to scream and slowly hide as puberty gradually starts to happen for most children. Quite a few changes happen around this age.. School, hormones etc. Now this is the age where I think that everyone should be getting their first phone as they may need it to contact their parents if they're staying back at school for after school activities at last minute or to talk to the friends that they have recently made at secondary school or other things. I also think this is where you can gradually start getting makeup/formal clothes for the children as they will appreciate it. You could also get them game consoles/games/cds or most media things or gift cards for their favourite store at the shopping centre/mall where they meet their mates on a weekendly basis.

So the last age range that I am going to tackle is 15-17... Any later and I think we are going into gender categories. Some children rebel around this age so if they do then just breathe and cope. Big changes happen.. They slowly become adults. They may be thinking about the future and getting stressed by it.. The first thing I am going to suggest is find out what they're into for the minute and get them a gift card for it. If they're into cosmetics then get them some stuff from their favourite cosmetic store or get them some general make up or ask them what they need. Food is also a good option. Maybe a subscription to Netflix or Spotify? Posters? Gig/festival tickets? It generally depends on the person.

So I know that this has been a bit meh but if you get anyone any of my suggestions then find me on most social media sites... Just search either Jamie Sowden or thejamiesowden. Don't forget to comment if you do or if you have any other ideas then don't forget to comment... I hope that you have enjoyed these gift guides. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a great New Year! Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you next time.

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