Sunday 14 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Men

Meow, so this post is going to be about PRESENTS! So, even though I am poor as I am a student, I thought it would be good to show you some stuff that I think are great Christmas presents for this year. I shall go through different price ranges and for different people. If you're a late Christmas shopper then this is the post for you!

So the first blog post is going to be directly aimed at men. So if you are male and are wondering what to get for Christmas or are a woman and are wondering what to get your man for Christmas then this may be the perfect thing for you.

So, a well known gift for men at Christmas is perfume.. Well aftershave? You know what I am on about... So, I shall put a picture of each product that I talk about with a caption of the price and a link if you want to buy said gift.

The first product in the perfume section is Paco Rabanne: One Million. This is a very distinctive smell. The base notes are leather which is known in most men perfumes as this gives off a sensual yet masculine scent. The heart notes include spicy masculine flowers which accentuate this. The heart notes include Blood Mandarin which give it a zesty scent. The gold casing makes it an indulgent purchase and as people all over the world have been raving about it. It makes it the ultimate present. Even though it is at £39.50. It is worth it.
One Million 50ml EDT - £39.50

The next perfume is Eau De Gaga. Now this is aimed more at teenage men. This is from a very well known person with a high male demographic. With base notes of leather which as I have said is a must in most men perfumes. Heart notes of White Violet which is known as the Hermaphrodite Violet which gives it a floral yet musky kick. At first, you get a kick of lime then the leather comes through and it just smells so good The bottle is a classic black glass design echoing the vert well known design of Chanel. It is unisex but aimed more at men. Ranging from £19 or more, it makes it a great product.

Eau De Gaga - 30ml Gift Set - £13.49
The next aftershave that I am going to talk about is Invictus... Imagine this one as One Million's older mature cousin... It has a group of things within the base notes including patchouli and wood which make it florally yet masculine via the wood and makes it obviously woody. The heart notes include bay leaves which are used in cooking and perfumery which keep the masculine scent but gives a hint of nature The top notes include grapefruit which makes the fruit cut through the other things within the aftershave and keeps it fresh.. It reminds you of a more manlier version of One Million which I think Paco Rabanne wanted to do. It comes in a clean glass like chrome bottle which kind of scream MAN and seductiveness which they wanted to do. The price ranges from £37 onwards.
Invictus 50ml EDT - £37.35
The final male perfume that I am going to talk about is Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate. The base notes include woody amber, leather, Tonka bean and vanilla which in my opinion balances the elements of scent. The heart notes include different woods which gives off a masculine feel to the whole product. The top notes include mandarin, grapefruit and star anise. This gives off a vibrant zesty feel with a hint of spice which kind of reminds me of Christmas eg Mulled wine which makes it a great Christmas gift. The bottle is mainly chrome and black with a sleek design which echos the feel of the product as it is meant to be seductive.. Aren't most male products meant to be 'seductive'? This product costs around £50 which is expensive but worth it to be honest.
Code Ultimate 50ml EDT - £49.50

Now going onto Lush.. I know.. I never shut up about it but they do some great products for men. The gifts are wrapped in recyclable fabric. It makes it a very great present,

First of all, I am going to suggest The Snowman FUN. This is a great squidgy creative product. You get a strip of black and orange with the rest of the FUN being white. It means that men can keep their masculinity via the smell of carrots and creating manly little men to be murdered under the water or via them using them. Most of the other FUN eg the blue are the best for men. The other products such as Sea Vegetable, Big Blue or BB Seaweed are very clean yet masculine therefore they are great for men as they echo the smell of men. It is a clean sea like scent which most men do like. Christmas wise, most products are very spicy and musky therefore they are great for men but ones such as Hot Toddy are the best for men as they contain a lot of spice therefore men won't feel unmasculinised when using them.
Snowman FUN - £5.00

Said snowman that you can make from FUN

Sea Vegetable - £3.10 per 100g
Big Blue - £3.35
BB Seaweed - £6.50 - 75g

Hot Toddy - £3.95 - 100ml
Now for the actual products, personalised mugs are the best thing for them as they can drink anything out of them. Other things such as graze are the best as you can choose which things go into the box therefore you know that they will like it. If you want to go all out then you can get them a watch or maybe an iPhone if you want but personalised things or vouchers such as a day of golf will be the best thing for them unless they personally wants something. For that teenager in your life, you could get them merchandise of their favourite band/artist, this way you will know that they will love it and be grateful compared to just money where they pretend to read the card.. (Have we all done that or is that just me... Oops) You could buy them gift cards to their favourite store. You could also buy them tickets to their favourite artist/band if they're on tour. A good store to check is Pulp or you could just give them money if they're too picky and you don't have time to sort them out.
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus ranging from £539+

If you want to go ultimate then you could get them a gift card for a tailored made suit which is pretty decadent but worth it for that special man in your life as they will be using it for events that are needed eg that New Years party that everyone is going to. This way, you will know that he will like it and that it will be practical within the future which you need to know when you're splashing the cash on big presents.

Foodwise, you can make them something eg pate or something mainly savoury. Things that include stout could be quite good unless they have a favourite food then buy them some of that to show that you know that you know what they like. You could also buy them liqueur based chocolates or a bottle of their favourite alcohol. You could buy them a selection of their favourite cheeses as there is some great local/national cheeses within the UK. If they go to a certain restaurant every so often such as Cabana or TGI Fridays then you could get them a gift card for that for when they feel meh or once they've done their January sales. The options are limitless...
Cheese Selection

So I hope that this post has given you some ideas for what to buy for the men in your life this Christmas season. If you do buy anyone any of these products, please do comment or contact me via social media. All of the links are in my videos or just search TheJamieSowden on places... Im normally lurking and meowing somewhere... The next gift guide will be for women so look out for that!
I hope to see you next time!

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  1. Loads of good ideas there! As usual, I'm leaving my shopping til the very last minute and will be looking for bargains!
    Food gifts are always nice, as they're a bit different - I know a lot of fellas that love cheeseboards