Thursday 27 November 2014

How To Get Addicted To Lush

Meow, so I thought that I would do a new post.. My friends and family all know how addicted to Lush I am... I mean there's a new store/shrine in White Rose which I have been wanting to go to because well its a Lush store. They did have a bloggers event but I couldn't go as I was surprised with ARTRAVE tickets but the store is amazing so you should go and check it out... It's going to be amazing and its going to smell lovely.. It will also have wonderful lovely staff and have sparkly vegan products.... Ugh, it's just heaven... The one in Trinity Leeds is my shrine at the moment. I love the shop and the staff and everything.. Back on topic, my friends ask me whats the best Lush product to try? How did you get addicted to Lush? What makes them different? Should I go into a shop and see what it's like? I say yes to all of these but this blog post will explain it more in detail...

So, how did I get addicted to Lush?
Well, it all started thanks to these two girls.. Emma Blackery and Zoella/Zoe Sugg... They did videos on a Lush Christmas Haul.. This opened my eyes. Even though this was over a year ago, I still fell in love with the products. I wanted to go in store and smell them. I wanted to see what they meant by Snow Fairy. What a silver star smelt like when a girl says it's citrusy? What a melting snowman smelt like? I know this sounds really silly but I loved the gimmicky festiveness of it all... I loved the fact that you could drown a melting snowman in your bath or crush a star up or let the childhood of Snow White fizzle away in your bath..

What was the first product you ever bought?
I got things at the Boxing Day sale thing and I just loved it all.. I got a Dragons Egg, Twilight, a few festive ones and other things. Everyone raved about the Dragons Egg... Lush are very comical of their product names and concepts.. We don't test on animals and create Vegan products but lets make the consumer seem like they're murdering unborn dragons via a bath bomb... The Dragons Egg bath bomb is amazing! This marvellous bath bomb turns your bath water to a mixture of an orange-y/gold colour... It literally looks like a dragon is breathing out fire into your bath. Whilst the bath bomb unfurls and creates a scaly foam on top of a amber bath, it also reveals vegan popping candy which literally makes you feel like you're at the side of a fire. The smell reminds you of sherbet. It is very Autumnal. Priced at £3.35 ( .) Twilight is also a bath bomb. This one is based on sleeping and lavender. The bath bomb smells of lavender and Tonka. As the bath bomb unravels under water, it turns from a dark orange to a deep purple which makes the bath even more calming. As the Dragons Egg has popping candy, the Twilight bath bomb has glitter in which makes your bath look like the epitomy of Edward Cullen but also replicates twinkling stars in the night sky. This one is also £3.35 (

Why Do I Love Lush?:
I love Lush for various reasons. The first reason is that their ethics are amazing. They don't test on animals which is great for cosmetics which doesn't harm animals like other well known brands. They raise money for charity. They sell Charity Pot which the money sold from them (except VAT) goes to charity which is amazing. They also raise awareness to said charities. They have done this in ways such as the #SaveTheBadgers bath bomb. They also believe on only using natural ingredients to create Vegan/Vegetarian products which is amazing for the skin, body, environment and other things. Lush also try to keep the environment clean via not using packaging unless needed. If packaging is used then it is recycled. For example, the shower gel bottles and recycling 5 black pots to get a free face mask. The staff are always amazing. They are lovely and if you need any advice then they will happily give you it. They greet you amazingly and they are just so nice. The products are amazing as they contain natural ingredients therefore they are gorgeous for the skin and body. They are Vegan so you can literally feel holy as they are all amazing.

What Products Do You Recommend?:

The Gold FUN is a must.. Even though it is £5, it is amazing! You can use it and mould it into anything. It has the expected Lush Christmas sparkle and it smells like honey and toffee.. It's just divine! The Golden Wonder is amazing too! It smells of lime, cognac and lime (check the What's In My Lush Box review for details on pricing and a more in depth description...) The Magic Wand is also great for Snow Fairy addicts (check what I just said...) Also, get Snow Fairy shower gel if you can or just go and smell it! Santa's Lip Scrub is also so divine as it tastes of cherry cola and is amazing for your lips... Star Light Star Bright is also very amazing! It is mainly a Bath Melt not a bath bomb. It is very citrusy as it has orange, lemon and lime oils in. It is also very festive as it is glittery. These are just a few of my seasonal recommendations. If you like the spicier things, try Hot Toddy, The Melting Snowman or the Luxury Lush Pud

All Year Round:
As I have mentioned, Twilight and Dragons Egg. Try the Space Girl, Sex Bomb and Honeybee bath bomb! Also try the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask as it contains blueberries which calms down break outs. Try the Honey I Washed The Kids soap as it smells of honey and toffee and does amazing things to your skin. The Comforter bubble bar (check review blog) is amazing and so is the Dorothy Bubble Bar. The shower jellies are amazing, vegan and different. It's Raining Men (yay for a LGBT catchphrase) shower gel is amazing.. It is literally the soap in liquid form. The shampoo bars are great but ask the staff depending on your hair type. The massage bars.. The Strawberry Feels Forever? Wiccy Magic Muscles is amazing. They work on couples or as a moisturiser for one or just for fun. Lush also do make up which is amazing but slightly expensive.

How Can I Become Addicted?
Just go into a Lush store. If you live near the outskirts of Leeds then go to the White Rose one as it has just opened up. It is a modern store. It's amazing. It is friendly within and just so beautiful or if you live in Leeds City centre or can get there then go to the Yorkshire Flagship store on Commercial Street with amazing members of staff, stunning architecture, wonderful bright walls, cute organised stations for certain products and much more. Buy some of the stuff that I've recommended or go into a store and talk to a lovely member of staff and they will sort you out. Another tip is to buy a lot of stuff and then just turn your bedroom into a mini lush store and just hibernate and use the products.. If you like the smell or a feature eg texture or colour of a product then you may want to get it again or just buy everything that catches your eye/has lustre/glitter on.

So as I said, this was for Lush newbies and I recommend for you to go into a shop and try something and purchase something that's new and that interests you. I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope to see you soon.
*meows and disappears*

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