Saturday 15 November 2014

What's In My Lush Box? (Review)

Meow, so this blog post is going to be about the What's In My Box video that I did a few weeks ago... (  (I'll put a link to it at the end as well..) I still can not thank Lush Leeds Spa enough for the Bloggers Event and for giving me the gift box.. It is serving as a very pre seasonal/Christmas gift to myself... If you want the box set/any of the products then I shall put links throughout the post.)

So the first product is The Comforter.. This is a bubble bar therefore you crumble a bit of the product under running water and it creates bubbles in front of your very eyes.. This product has a white and purple/fuchsia marbled look.. The white bit is bergamot whilst the fuchsia bit is cassis absolute. The bubble bar smells like blackcurrant which is mainly from the cassis absolute. The Blackcurrant smells gives the bath the comforting smell which you sometimes need hence the name The Comforter. The bar is absolutely massive therefore you can get a good 8 baths out of this with a lot of lovely scented bubbles. They are £4.75 each which sounds expensive but it is massive so you get what you get for your money.. ( 
My The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter in the bath
The next product that I'm going to talk about is Magic Wand. This is yet another Bubble Bar. With this bubble bar, you don't crumble it, you swish it under running water as it is attached to a stick which you use to swish it.. It is pink and very bright. You can get around 8 baths with this bar. The scent of it is very recognisable to regular Lush customers and regular Christmas customers as the scent is Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is a limited edition Christmas scent which remarks candy/candyfloss or sweets. It is very sweet but the only way to describe it is if pink had a fragrance.. The product is priced at £5.25 (
Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Magic Wand in the bath
At this time, my Lush Box kinda had a bad moment.. My brother knocked it over without realising until after therefore the next product had crumbled a bit so I only got a picture of it going into the bath.. This product is the Luxury Lush Pud. This product is a regular at Christmas but this year it has been revamped as instead of it being the colour of the Blackcurrant bit of The Comforter, it became more of pink colour. This one is a bomb therefore you just run your bath and then drop it in before you get in yourself. The Luxury Lush Pud has little buttons on the side of it which are little pockets of colour which explode when you drop it in. The smell of it is literally like a Christmas Pudding.. It is quite spicy but at the same time it has lavender and ylang ylang in which kinda tones down the spiciness and the quirkiness of Tonka absolute.. If you love the Twilight bath bomb then you will love this one or vice versa.. The products costs £3.50
Luxury Lush Pud

Luxury Lush Pud exploding in the bath

One of the spots exploding

The colour of the bath

Back to the bubble bars... This one is called Drummers Drumming.. Y'know because of the 12 Days Of Christmas song/carol? This bubble bar is a first in the history of Lush as it isn't just a bubble bar but its a musical bubble bar.  YOU CAN CREATE A MUSICAL BATH! It has two bells therefore when you swish it the bells jingle.. Now one side of the bar is yellow and the other is pink which obviously means that they have different scents. The yellow side smells of bergamot whereas the pink side smells of strawberries and cream... Mmm... Strawberries and cream scented bubbles.. This one is priced at the same price as the Magic Wand (£5.25) *screams* BUBBLES. MY BUBBLES!
Drummers Drumming

Drummers Drumming in the bath

Wow, the last of bubble bars.. So you get the point of how to use them by now... You crumble them and put said crumbles (its not really crumbs as its more pieces so crumbles felt right) and put them under running water. So the last bubble bar is The Christmas Hedgehog.. Okay, this is going to sound weird but Lush is a Vegan based company but consciously its not right to crumble up a cute hedgehog.. This product looks kinda like a hedgehog.. It is silvery blue.. Silver at the front.. Blue at the back.. It is literally too cute to put into words... It has blue shimmer beads, snowflake lustre and white edible stars which make it extraordinary from within. It is mainly made from Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter which means that it is very prone to melting once it has been touched by warm human hands.. The butters give your skin such a soft feeling once you have been in the bath.. It creates a lot of bubbles and it makes the bath go a silvery blue colour which is just so soothing and great.. The hedgehog also has ylang ylang and rose absolute which keeps the bath soothing and gives a great aroma for when its absolutely freezing outside.. This absolutely adorable animal is £3,25
The Christmas Hedgehog

Crumbled Hedgehog in bath
Wow... This is the last Lush product that I was given... The bad thing with this one for you guys is that I haven't used it yet because it looks too good and smells too good to use just to review for you guys... The final product in my box is called Golden Wonder.. Now as you can tell by the name that it is going to be very gold... You are right! Now, Golden Wonder is a bath bomb but it's not like any other ordinary bath bomb... Golden Wonder is a bath bomb in a bath bomb in a bath bomb which means that it takes a long time to make.. 10 days in fact.. It takes 10 days just to make one of these. This is one of the reasons why I don't just want to use it for a review of it.. I did get shown a demonstration of it though therefore I can talk about that. The design of it is a present shaped bomb with a golden colour outer layer with a cream bow on top to represent a present as there is a bell in the middle of the second bomb which acts as a surprise... There is other surprises within this bomb but if you want to know what they are then you should go buy one to find out... (*HINT* gold) This bath product smells mainly of cognac and lime with a hint of clementine which gives it an all round boozy citrus scent. The scent smells absolutely divine and luxurious! When you drop this present into the bath, it turns the water a lovely dark blue/green colour with a gold glitter trail (and the other surprises) swirling around in the water.. It's literally one of the best presents you could buy for yourself this Christmas. Priced at £3.75 which isn't that bad for a bath bomb especially when it contains so much gorgeous things..  (
Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder in the bath

Birds eye view of Golden Wonder
So this is the end of my blog post on What's In My Lush Box.. I hope that you've liked it.. As I've said the links to buy them.. The link to the full gift set is . The link to the video is here:

PS: The links have been taken out due to them being not sold as Lush updates their links to their products every year so even if there's a new version of the same product then the link will have been changed.

I still can not thank Lush Leeds Spa enough for putting the #LushChristmas Bloggers Event on and for giving me the gift box. If you live near Leeds then I urge you to go into their new big store in Leeds and buy something as all of the products are amazing!
Thank you for reading this far
I hope that you have a great week and I hope to see you next time I write a blog post.
*meows and disappears*

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