Friday 12 May 2017

The Website That Does Everything For You | Bidvine


Welcome to another blog post! Today, I'm talking you about a great website that will save you a lot of time. I thought that some of you might like this due to having a busy life and whatnot.

Bidvine is a quick and free way to get quotes for local services from nearby professionals with no hassle (services include things like as wellness, tutoring, events, photography and much more.) It's free to use and it does all the work for you! It's super easy to use as all you have to do is just answering a few simple questions. The best way to think of Bidvine is imagine it as your P.A for finding local service providers and getting things done the quick and easy way! 

I tested Bidvine out via searching for a photographer for some blog photos that I might need sorting out as I'm not that great when it comes to attempting my own outfit shots so I filled in a short form which took about 10 minutes and it put together a quote for a photographer along with my postcode and budget that I would be pleased with and within 2-3 days I received 5 quotes back via email ranging from a various amount of prices.

You can start to see how this would save you time because if you have things which need doing around the house such as painting, cleaning or anything like that therefore instead of searching online for hours you can put in a request and the quotes will come back to you within the budget you requested. It beats some online services that might do the same thing as they might charge double or triple the price that you're wanting to pay whereas Bidvine keeps within your budget so you don't feel like someone is ripping out your wallet/purse/bank card for one single service.

I think that it's an amazing service for anyone who might be disabled as it means that someone can do it for you therefore you don't strain yourself over the said service or for someone who is a student and might not have the time to do things that they need to get done.

Don't forget to check out Bidvine here in case you want to have a look at it yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little rambly post about Bidvine and I hope that you come back next time for another post!

Thanks for reading!
jamie x

This post was in collaboration with Bidvine. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own.

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