Saturday 6 May 2017

You're Totally Awesome! | The Body Shop Briggate Mothers Day Showcase


A while ago, I was invited to The Body Shop's Mothers Day event and I thought that I would tell you guys about it. I know that it's past Mothers Day now but I hope that you still enjoy this post nevertheless.

Myself and Luke were already in Leeds due to coming in to review the wonderful Bar Soba but like per usual we came in a bit early and decided to do some shopping. We wandered around a few shops and then headed to Costa to have a breather for a few minutes because honestly Luke gets tired quickly from swishing his cane and I get tired quickly from guiding him. After a while, we decided that we would wander on over to The Body Shop for a quick look as I wanted to check out a few of their masks and the new Liquid Peels.

We wandered in and found the face masks quite easily. After a minute or so, a staff member came up to us and remembered that we were bloggers from a previous event and asked if we were coming to the event that was going on later on in the day. We sadly said no. The staff assistant was confused and grabbed the clipboard. After doing this, she asked if we wanted to come and of course we said yes!

Fast forward to later on in the day. 

As soon as we arrived back at the beautiful building, we were greeted by a wonderful staff member of staff. After about thirty seconds, someone came up to us and offered us something to drink. We both got a glass of Prosecco to begin with but I normally only drink one glass due to the fact that I get a burning sensation in my chest after drinking it so I drank some lovely refreshing fruit juice for the rest of the night after that one glass.  We perused some of the products such as the Fuji Green Tea range until a few other bloggers entered.

Ten minutes or so passed by then we were all gathered around to have a masterclass about fragrances which included an interesting talk about babies and their relationship/attachment with scents and how certain smells can make a memory come to life. The lovely woman then came around with testers of scents such as White Musk (which contains synthetic musk to ensure that animals aren't harmed to extract it for the product) and other scents from The Body Shop.

Perfume bottles had been spritzed and now it was time to let us roam but as soon as we did roam, a lovely woman came up to us and asked if we wanted any delicious canapes (both savoury and sweet) which I obviously said yes to. The ones that I definitely loved were the Brownie mainly because I love a good Brownie and the mini meringue that had a raspberry in the middle which made it look like a pretty flower which seems fitting for the Spring season.

Myself and Luke then went to the personalised body butter station where we could personalise a body butter for our loved ones (eg Mothers) or if you're me then you can personalise it for yourself. When it comes to the personalised body butters (which are only available in certain stores) you pick what you want on the front, the text eg Jamie, Mum etc and then it goes onto your body butter. As the Almond Milk & Honey range was brand new to the public, we were given a personalised tub of this. I love this scent as it's clean but sweet. It reminds me of summer nights and sun tan lotion which sounds weird I know but if you smell it you'll get what I mean.

There was also a massage station but honestly myself and Luke just wanted to go home so we said our goodbyes to everyone including the lovely Lucinda and Lucy (who we spent the night chatting to) and made our way out of the store and headed for home.

We received a goodie bag to share which we shared which included a bottle of the White Musk EDT, a mini British Rose Body Butter, a mini pot of Vitamin E Moisture Cream, a mini Green Tea Shower Gel, a mini Moringa Body Scrub and a mini Shea Hand Cream. The goodie bag also included the Contour Palette and The Poppy Red Lip Palette.

Have you been to The Body Shop lately? Let me know down below! 

Thanks to the staff at The Body Shop Leeds Briggate and the PR staff at The Body Shop for putting on a great night and for inviting us!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back for the next post.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x 

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