Monday 22 May 2017

20 Things i Want To Do In My Twenties


Welcome to another blog post! I turn twenty at the end of this week so I thought that I would do something different for this post and list twenty things that I want to do whilst I'm 20.

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Visit Italy.

 I know that this sounds pretentious as hell as I'd love to just go travelling to Italy and find myself via thinking about everything by the side of the Almafi Coast but in actual fact I'd love to just travel around Italy and try all the different cultural activities and food. I'd love to take pictures of the surroundings.

Get Back Into B\aking. 

Okay I know that this isn't really a stereotypical thing to do in your twenties but I used to love baking. I loved creating something out of nothing and having fun with it. I loved the smell of baking and waiting to see if it went well... I stopped though due to thinking that I was the dogs balls at this and decided to do a course in this which I realised wasn't for me due to the atmosphere of it all and having constant panic attacks in toilet cubicles over it all so I'd love to calmly get back into baking. *side note: If I ever have to make bread at a mass commercial level again I may scream.*

Go To A Drag Show 

Seeing as I watch Drag Race a lot, I'd love to go to a drag show but honestly I think that I'd love to go to a local drag show more than anything as you get a great show and you'd be supporting great but local talent. I mean I honestly have never been into a gay bar of any sorts but I think that's another story for another time.

Do Fashion Week 

I know that some things go on behind closed doors when it comes to Fashion Weeks but I think that I would love to at least go to one to ensure that I have been up close when it comes to seeing the new designs. I know that the parties are a big part of the week but I think that I would go there mainly for the fashion aspect of the event. 

Go To The Alchemist 
Hi, I'm Jamie and I've never been to The Alchemist. I know that this comes as a surprise but honestly I just haven't had the time to go and as the cocktails seem fabulous I'd want a full day to experience a good few of them. I honestly also haven't had the money to experience The Alchemist at its best especially as it has an Alice In Wonderland Tea sharing Cocktail. I know that it's the ultimate bar for bloggers so I know that I definitely need to go whilst I'm in my 20's.

Pub Crawl 

I feel like I definitely need to do this in my twenties. It's a surprise that I haven't gone on one yet as I live in a radius of about 6 pubs. I love a good pub so I can see myself doing this within my 20's.

Go To London Again 

The last time I went to London was for Summer In The City and honestly I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do so I want to go back down for that. I also want to go down for the infamous Lush Oxford Street as I had fun exploring the three floored establishment last time. I would also like to go down as most blogger things go on there and I miss out on them due to living up in good old Yorkshire.

Go Back To Paris 

Again, I just miss Paris as a whole. I obviously did all of the touristy stuff last time but I would love to go back to explore more of the non touristy bits of Paris. I'd also love to go back to try more of the authentic food that they have to offer within Paris.

Get A Degree 

Yes, this sounds obvious as I am hopefully going to university later on this year but honestly I want to get a degree as I know that university will be an absolute rollercoaster and I can already see myself having many panic attacks and other things so to achieve a degree would be a massive achievement to myself.

Get A Job 

Again, this sounds obvious but due to economy that we live in today it's hard to get a job and I know that blogging is a job but I never think that I'll get to the point where I can see myself making a constant wage from it so I'd love to get a job where I have a constant wage coming in each month.

See a West End Performance 

Honestly, I've never seen a West End performance and as I like a good musical or play from time to time I'd love to watch a performance within the West End.

Go To A Michelin Restaurant 

This one is for the foodie within me. I love food and I know that Michelin star restaurants put so much thought and effort into every little thing that they produce therefore I'd love to go and just appreciate everything in the building. Weird, I know but ah well.

Meet Nigella Lawson 

Okay, I get it. This sounds a tad bordeline stalker but I have loved everything that Nigella has done for a while so I would love to just meet her and have a honest chat with her, I love how she researches a dish to a point where a food researcher themselves would be shocked so I'd also love to talk to her about that too. 

Learn To Play The Guitar 

This sounds like something a hipster would say again but honestly I've been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years and for some reason I've just never done it so I think that if I get my life into some sort of order then I deserve to attempt to learn the guitar. 

Fundrause Fir Mental Health/LGBT+ Charities

We all know how close both of these topics are to my heart so I'd definitelty love to fundraise for both of these, I'd also love to fundraise for Guide Dogs UK at some point in the future. 

Go To A Whiskey Distillery Tour 

I love whiskey so I would love to go to a distillery and see it up close. I have heard that Jamesson's tour is amazing so I'd love to do that someday!
Get More Into Makeup. 

Yes I know that this sounds like a weird one but I have been getting into makeup via various means and I would love to properly get into it via brands and understanding how to make full use of the face. I love cosplay makeup and makeup that stars such as Miss Fame create so hopefully I might be able to further that curiosity within my 20's.

Wear More Vests

I know that this is a weird one but I rarely wear vests on their own due to them normally showing off my arms and sometimes my torso which I'm a bit iffy about so I'd love to get used to wearing them and rocking them without caring about what other people think about what I look like. 

Hold A Bloggers Event Or Event Of Some Sort 

I'd love to host a bloggers event or an event for the public. I think that it would be amazing to put on an event and make sure that it runs smoothly. I know that it won't happen but I can always dream!

Make My Blog Better
I know that my content and my layout isn't that great so I hope that within the next few years I improve with my blog on the whole and hope to create amazing content and to just keep it going really. 

Have you got any goals that you'd like to achieve? Let me know down below. 

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I hope that you've learnt a few things about myself and I hope that you come back for another blog post. 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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