Wednesday 21 June 2017

What I'd Have In My Perfect Man Cave


Welcome to another blog post! I thought that today I would talk to about my ultimate man cave. I know that this sounds like a weird thing to talk about but do you ever wish for a little place that you can escape from the hectic world that we live in for five minutes just so you can relax and actually breathe for a second?

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Is a man cave really a man cave if it doesn't include some sort of drink whether this is a soft drink or an alcoholic drink like Badger Ale. Drinks always add a refreshing twist to your night within the man cave and gives the gang a talking point and helps them create fond memories especially if they're drunk. If you want your drinks to be more refreshing which I might do then I would also add a mini fridge to the cave.


Technology is a massive part of my ultimate man cave. From speakers to ensure that the highest quality sound surrounds the room to the amazing games consoles that will ensure hours of entertainment that can be enjoyed with a vast amount of friends. It also includes a large charger section for portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. I'd also ensure that the games consoles or the TV has Netflix integrated onto it so I can watch what I want whenever I want.


I know that furniture is a must in any room but as the man cave is all about relaxation I think that the furniture has to be excellent when it comes to this particular room. I think that the ultimate furniture would be either chairs that are padded with a back massaging cushion, recliner chairs or massive sofas. I would love to have one of the chairs that Joey gets gifted within Friends that have speakers built into them but sadly I don't think that will be a thing within society for a while...


Candles would have to be a must have no matter what within my ultimate relaxation room. I love how a scent can engulf the entire room and make it remind you of a certain memory within your life. I also candles such as Woodwick that have a wick that crackles which makes you feel like youre at the side of a luxurious crackling fire. Any candle has the power to enhance a man cave.


I love a good snack whether thaword t is a healthy or a fattening snack. It just helps relaxing and it normally keeps your hands busy. I love a good tortilla chip with some guacamole or some chocolate. It also means that you don;t have to run back and forth to get plates and cutlery and just keeps entertaining yourself and others. I just love a good snack especially whilst watching Netflix.

What would you have in your ultimate man cave? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and that you come back next time for another post.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

This post is in collaboration with Badger Ale. All opinions, views and ramblings are my own.

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