Friday 8 May 2015

MIM: Fashion Advice!

Meow, welcome to another MIM post. Today's post is going to be about fashion! I asked you guys on Facebook to ask me some fashion problems that you have and I tried to answer them! Answers may differ from the video!

Q1:  I have to buy mens clothes in extremely big sizes because even the normal sized mens clothes end up looking like female clothes on me! What can I do?
A1: I would try to bulk it out if possible as you can now get padding... It sounds stupid but also try and buy thick shirts such as a flannel shirt. I would also recommend doing what you're already doing as the bigger sizes will be baggy which means that they won't really stick to your silhouette. Sorry that I can't help much more on this question...

Q2: What can I do about being different sizes within two different stores?
A2: I can't really help that because of the stores but your best answer is to decide on which stores you want to shop at before you go out and check the size guiding on their website which means that you will already know which size you fit into and you don't have to try masses of clothes on and then end up feeling disappointed at the end of the day.

Q3: What can I do about my shirt showing my bra/breasts within the gap between the buttons?
A3: It's going to sound a little bit plain and stupid but the best thing to do is to wear a lightweight vest over it therefore if anything does get revealed then it will be the vest and not your bra/breasts.

Q4: I'm a male and when I go to buy jeans, I realise that I am an awkward size which means a regular leg is too short but a large is too big... What can I do?
A4: Your best bet is to buy a large and cut it where you need it to be. This seems wasteful but if you recycle the offcuts then they can be used for other things. You can always get tailored jeans which fit to your leg which would also solve this problem.

Q5: I have legs so skinny that even super spray on jeans are baggy on me. What can I do?
A5:  Sadly, not a lot can be done. As I suggested in the last question, you could always get tailored jeans or a belt can stop the sagging of the jeans to the point that they're baggy. I'm sorry that I can't help much with this one...

Thanks to the people that sent the questions in! I hope that you've enjoyed this little question and answer post and I hope to see you tomorrow for another MIM post. Don't forget to leave your fashion problems in the comment section below. Don't forget to watch the video version as well!

Today's Video:

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