Monday 18 May 2015

MIM: Leeds Vlog

Meow, I went around Leeds and vlogged about it... I didn't do much on the day but I felt that it would be a lot better if I described it to you... I would have taken pictures on the day but it was very busy!

I arrived in Leeds and went straight to Trintiy Leeds... When I had arrived within TL, I decided to go to the seating area outside Caffe Nero as it is normally quiet therefore I can normally vlog and not feel too awkward/weird. When I had vlogged, I logged into TL The Cloud wifi and as it knows me that well it remembered my details which meant all I needed to do was click twice and I was connected!

I decided to walk to the Apple Store as I wanted to look at the Apple Watches and get my sim changed... If you have an iPhone then you know how hard it is to change the sim... You need a little pin and everything! I arrived in the store and I instantly realised how packed it was... I wandered over to the Apple Watches and looked at them... If I could afford the one that I want then I would snap it up instantly/I would have pre-ordered it but I am a student so I can't really afford one... A member of staff came up to me and talked to me about the smartwatches and even said that if I wanted to then I could try one on but that would just be taunting me even more or I'd run off with it and be in heaps of trouble... The member of staff then proceeded to find a pin to change my sim card which took several minutes as he couldn't find one which meant I had to awkwardly wait whilst teenagers/adults glared at me which was fun...  He then found one and changed my sim card... He was a lovely member of staff which is great as I can cope with lovely members of staff but not packed out stores...

I then went to my favourite place in the world which is located just outside TL... You all know where I'm going with this one... I went to Lush! I walked in and weirdly it wasn't packed and it was mainly full of women and not teenage girls which meant that I could freely walk around and sniff whatever I wanted to... I know all the staff members at my local one (I don't have a problem/obsession/addiction before you start) which meant that I got a warm friendly hi again every so often! I finally decided on getting a May Day bath bomb... Why? It's May and it's a bath bomb just for this month so it felt like it would go in well with the whole I'm doing everything in May ethos that I have at the minute. The money made from this bath bomb also goes to help a cause called Votes For Animals which is about giving animals a voice within the General Election... I got one of these ballistics last year and I fell in love with it so I knew that I had to get another when I heard that they had been re-released... Costs £2.95

I then went to Humpit from what I remember! Humpit is a vegetarian restaurant within the Corn Exchange... I had been meaning to try their food for ages...  I went into the cute little restaurant and was served by a lovely lad.I decided to get a Falafel in pitta with salad and olive oil. He then asked me for my name and said that it would be a few minutes so I decided to sit down. A lovely staff member was cleaning the table and I chatted briefly to the kind waitress. My name was called,  I went over and they passed me a folded bag and a few napkins. I felt like I had ordered something so spectacular!

The next place that I went to was Boots! I could hear something going on before I had entered and realised that there was a Live At Leeds set going on within the Trinity Kitchen. I listened for around 30 seconds and then went into Boots. I browsed and slowly ended up at the Barry M stand. I thought about getting two nail polishes as I have been lusting over one of them for a while but I decided to get them the next time I was in as it was very busy... (I ended up walking into/kicking a few people because it was that busy!) I decided to get two drinks as they are always 2 for £2 there which is amazing as nowadays a 500ml drink is £1.30+. I paid and left.

I wandered around TL until I reached some seats, I decided to vlog a bit more and then decided to eat my falafel... Oh my god, it was amazing but that's for an another blog post...

I then exited TL and made my way to the train station until Roast +  Conch caught my eye. I had saw a few bloggers tweet about their new cocktails this week and I decided to go in as I have never been in there before and it was amazing. I entered and realised the amount of chocolate... It's a Hotel Chocolat store on one level and restaurant with dishes such as white chocolate mash on another level... I wandered and glanced and then found my ultimate favourite thing! One of the first times I went to Leeds I stumbled and tried Mojito Truffles and fell in love with them... I had found them again... I decided to buy them when I'm next in Leeds if I am feeling like buying a naughty treat... I sampled a Brownie chocolate which was nutty but deliciously rich at the same time. I decided on buying Chocolate Pasta as I am obsessed with Nigella and saw her make a recipe with them on Nigellissima so I knew that I had to have some... I am going to do another blog post on them...

I went to the train station and then went home...

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope to see you next time for another MIM post. Have you tried Chocolate Pasta? If so then comment down below with your thoughts on it...

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