Friday 29 May 2015

MIM: So What If I'm A Bitch?!

Meow, so today's MIM post is going to be a sort of lifestyle rant post. I am going to talk about a personal sort of thing but it is slightly explanatory from the blog post... I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that you comment as O would like to know what you think...

So, lately, I have been going through some personal things as I have had MIM, exams, friends and other things to juggle but I got called a bitch as I push certain people or things away when I am busy and submerge myself into something as it is the easiest thing to do but I want to talk about if it's okay to be a bitch... I am not going to do a video with this post but I hope that is fine as I just wanted to get this off my chest in non personal way.

I am a massive fan of Mean Girls and everyone knows that the plot of the story is that a innocent girl gets turned into a bitch/mean girl via the elite clique 'The Plastics' which believe that being a bitch is the way to life eg the burn book where they insult everyone within their school and other bitchy things. Now I am quite the bitchy person who will vent when needed but is that bad? We all need to vent now and again and get things off our chests as life isn't perfect and friends can be class a bitches sometimes...

Are The Plastics bitches?

I think that being a 'bitch' is needed in life as it shows that you are confident and determined within life as you won't let things get in the way and it shows that you're a real human being who isn't happy all the time and let's face it, it is perfect when you have food, drink and a friend to bitch and let out all of your problems to...

Sorry that this has been really short but what do you think? Is it really bad to be a 'bitch' or do you think it works when stuff has to be done? Comment down below! I shall see you tomorrow for another MIM post which shall be finishing on Sunday!

Jamie x

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