Saturday 23 May 2015

MIM: Alpro: Simply Mild Review

Meow! Welcome to another Meowing In May blog post! Today's post is going to be a food post about Alpro which is a lactose free/plant based food and drink brand. I hope that you enjoy this blog post. Don't forget to watch the video that will be at the bottom of the post which goes along with the post.

So, if you follow me on any social media site then you will know that I am lactose intolerant. I am pretty sure that I have told you about this before... So I was so happy when the guys at Alpro emailed me to say that they were going to send me some of their new Alpro: Simply Mild to try and review. Now the email said that they would send me a milk frother with the package as it was National Coffee Week at the time but by the time that the package had came there was only two days left of the week and I wouldn't have been able to do a blog post and a video and all the pictures for it then...

Alpro is a company that have a vision. Their vision is that more of the food that the world eats come straights from plants... No additives or anything like that. Alpro do this amazing within all of their products. Alpro are well known for their lactose free drinks and food products such as custard, desserts and yoghurts. All of their products come from plant based products so they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians... They also do a range of milks now including hazelnut milk!

I was very intrigued when I opened the bottle as I found out that the drink is that fresh that it has a life of 5 days otherwise you can't drink it... Alpro have knocked one out of the ball park with this drink as it does what it exactly says. It's soy milk with a mild taste. I loved this as I am lactose intolerant but I feel that sometimes soy drinks can taste very strong whereas with this drink its not that strong but its still there. I feel that this one is great to add to drinks and cereal which means that I can have it 24/7 basically...

Out of ten, I would give this a 9.8 as it is mild and not too strong so I like it quite a bit and it's lactose free so it doesn't screw up my stomach but I would like to see a chocolate version of this maybe as that would be amazing but as I always say... Everywhere can always improve as a brand won't be the same now as it will be in 5 years time...

I would like to thank Alpro for sending this out as it did wonders for my skin as I didn't have lactose for a week so I could see the benefits of this and I love Alpro as a brand before this blog post so please don't even think that this blog post is biased because they sent me something out... I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post, don't forget to watch the video and comment down below if you would try any of Alpro's products if you haven't before!

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