Wednesday 6 May 2015

MIM: Guilty Pleasures Tag

Meow! Welcome to another Meowing In May post. This post is quite explanatory from the title. This post is going to be a tag post. The answers may change from my video as I filmed them both at different times so if I can't remember the answer from the video then I might say something different...

This tag is called The Guilty Pleasures Tag as within the tag I answer the questions provided which are linked to guilty pleasures and then at the end of the post I tag some people but as it is a blog post I am going to tag some bloggers... I was tagged by my brother Luke.

Q1: What's one TV Show you watch that you shouldn't confess to?
A1: I have a few TV shows that I shouldn't confess to watching but the main one is probably American Horror Story... Why? AHS is an anthropology based show which changes every season but its quite a mystical/weird show... The first series contains links to cheating on your other half, depression and ghosts that appear in a gimp mask and other things... The second one is about a mental asylum containing aliens, the third one is about witchcraft, voodoos, devils and a bir of slaughtering and the last one is based on a freakshow so you can see why I shouldn't admit to watching it. I also watch Made In Chelsea from time to time which I shouldn't admit to as it is a reality show...

Q2: Food, you eat what?
A2: I don't really eat any weird food anymore.. I've eaten things like ostrich and other things like that and when I was very young, I used to be able to eat raw onions and garlic apparently but otherwise I don't really eat anything that's disgusting...

Q3: Music I love, but others cringe at.
Q3: Well, the music I am listening to right now is Lady Gaga which some people may cringe at as she has been quite controversial with her outfits and with some of her recent songs as she wrote a few songs about taking drugs... I like the controversy though and as I can literally listen to any sort of music then this is probably what people cringe at.. I can literally go from listening to pop songs about love/sex and go straight to listening to rock/alternative music... It's slightly strange I suppose...

Q4: Guilty online habit?
A4: I am going to admit that I online window shop quite a lot when I know that I can't afford it but I also get bored when I'm hungry and look at restaurant menus... Oops.

Q5: I love to wear.. but I shouldn't.
A5: Most of my clothes to be actually really honest... I look like a hobo most of the time but ah well... I am going to say my cute animated hats as I have a tiger and another one which I probably shouldn't wear in public...

Q6: Movie you love so much, but shouldn't.
A6: Mean Girls or Bridget Jones Diary (both of them) hands down. I know every line word for word for both films... I shouldn't love them so much but oh my god I do... I mean Mean Girls is so fetch, its hard not to love it and I relate on a spiritual level with Bridget  Jones as I am expected to die fat and alone to be found three weeks later half eaten by Alsatians... Ah well, it sounds fun to die that way.

Q7: Funny habit, people comment on
A7: Meowing.. Everyone comments on it but I stopped caring about what other people think...

Q8: Make up look you love but is just so wrong.
I don't really wear make up but I think the whole completely smoky eye and bright red lips would be my answer to this because sometimes it can look a bit wrong depending on how well its executed but I love it so...

I tag Dungarees & Doughnuts, Big Fashionista & A Blokes Eyeview to take part in this tag!

I hope that you have enjoyed this tag. Comment down below with your guilty pleasure... Don't forget to watch the video as well! I shall see you tomorrow for another Meowing In May post!

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