Tuesday 12 May 2015

MIM: Jealousy

Meow, so today's post is going to be just a read... It's not going to be a fashion/beauty/whatever post... I suppose that it's going to be a rant post but its going to be one of those posts that you kind of just have to read and then comment or not so yeah...

This post is going to be about jealousy which is quite self explanatory from the title but I'm going to focus on my jealousy... That may sound slightly selfish to you readers but I've been meaning to make a blog post about it for a while and I thought this series would be the best time to post it...

So, if you know me at all then at the moment you will have realised that I've slightly been a bit emotional about things and that's not a bad thing but I feel a bit bad to talk/share about it but I've talked about it on Twitter at 2am in the morning for some reason... The main reason to this is because I've been pretty jealous of everyone around me/within the blogging community and that probably sounds so stupid/pathetic but I shall explain what I mean...

I'm sorry that this blog post has been short but I hope you've enjoyed me rambling.

I'll see you tomorrow for another MIM post 

Jamie x

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