Monday 4 May 2015

MIM: The Meghan Trainor Rant

Meow so today's video is going to be a rant... I'm sorry if it's a controversial topic but within this post I am going to tell you why I hate Meghan Trainor...

So, Luke bought her album quite a few weeks ago as he thought that the songs were catchy therefore they were good in his opinion... He has had this album on repeat whenever wherever to the point where if I hear one of her songs then I want to find the outlet of the noise and smash it until the noise stops and you can't play it anymore...

This leads me onto the next point, why do all of her songs sound like they were written within five minutes/whilst she was on the toilet? I seriously think a tone deaf 14 year old could write better songs... I just think that if she had spent a little bit more time then the songs would be better lyric wise and I would be able to somewhat relate to the songs and cope with them but it's probably best that I can't.

This paragraph may be the longest one within this post so expect a bit of ranting... I absolutely hate All About This Bass for one reason and one reason alone... The meaning behind the song... Meghan had basically stopped eating for one day and claimed that she had an eating disorder and then her parents got her to eat within the next hour... That's horrible as she didn't have an eating disorder. The lyrics within the song also annoy me so much... Meghan is basically skinny shaming and saying that men like more weight on a persons body... That may be true but there is no need to put down skinny people. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if they're skinny then let them be skinny or if they are plus sized or love food then let them. Society has taught everyone to look a certain way and this song is amplifying that and it is 2015 if we can have marriage equality in the country which I am so proud to have then why can't we just accept everyone how they are and let them get on with their lives?

The last reason to why I hate Meghan Trainor is that she has basically changed one chord from another artists song and claimed it as her own and the song is just so annoying. The video doesn't make it better as it shows sexist stereotypes...

What do you think of Meghan Trainor? Comment down below and tell me your opinions as I will be reading them... I hope that you have somewhat enjoyed this blog post... Don't forget to watch my average ranty video that goes along this and I shall see you tomorrow for another Meowing In May post!

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