Monday 4 May 2015

MIM: Humpit Restaurant Review

Meow, so today's MIM post is a review post... Yes it is about food so if the post is slightly a bit too M&S like then you can choose not to read the post but Humpit is an amazing place and you should get check them out!

Humpit was created 7 months ago by Jonathan and his dad. They saw a huge gap in the market for a bar that sells fresh hummus in a bowl rather than the bland kind that is mass manufactured within supermarkets. They then slowly thought that falafel would be a great addition to the menu and now they're the falafel kings of Leeds. They thought that Corn Exchange would be a great place to set up shop as it is a quirky place and a great hub for the independent food scene which has now grown as Trinity Kitchen also is one now. All of their food is freshly made daily and locally sourced so you feel great when you buy something from Humpit!

I ordered a falafel in pitta with salad and other things within it and oh my god it was so good! When I opened my bag (it was given to me when I ordered the food to be taken out) I realised how big the pitta was... It wasn't one of those little pittas that you pick up from the store and you have to cut into it and when you try to stuff things into the pitta it all just instantly tumbles out. It was a massive pitta bread!

 The food contained so much salad with two falafel patties poking out... I instantly took a bite of the falafel and it tasted so good... It was zesty but refreshing to eat and the patties were slightly heavy but not too stodgy and I could taste all the spices and herbs... You could tell how much love went into the food!

 I couldn't really tell what vegetables were in the salad but there was carrots and some other veg and it was all drizzled in olive oil. Olive oil in my opinion makes all salad better especially things that are bitter eg salad leaves but the olive oil reminded me instantly of the Mediterranean and it was so good. It just made me feel that all was calm in the world even though I was in a busy shopping complex...

When I digged further into the soft doughy bread, I ate more crisp refreshing salad and realised that there was more delicious patties of falafel buried within the product and it surprised me as the soft dough contrasted again the crisp interior was just so mouthwatering...

I would give this product a good 9.8/10. I always think that everywhere can improve. It did get a bit messy which is the only down fall so if you get it to take out then it might not be the best idea to walk and eat unless you can multitask amazingly otherwise it was amazing. The food was amazing, the customer service was amazing and everything was just so good... I shall be going to Humpit more often and I shall be enjoying falafel more often thus feeling good as it is all vegetarian...

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I shall see you tomorrow for another Meowing In May blog post!

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