Tuesday 5 May 2015

MIM: My Favourite Lush Products

Meow! So today's MIM post is going to be one which you will all love. I am going to talk about my favourite products from Lush. I have tried to keep them all special edition free (except one) but my taste in Lush products changes all the time so  I thought it would be good to tell you which ones I'm into at the minute...  Don't forget to check the video which will go along with this!

So the first product that I am going to talk about is the Dragons Egg bath ballistic. Now if you've checked out any of my other Lush posts then you will know that this bath bomb holds a special place in my heart as it was the first bath bomb that I ever bought from Lush. Now this ballistic contaias lemon oil, bergamot oil and other delicious goodies. This product does lots of amazing things when it is dropped into water including turning your bath into a fire inducing colour and crackles like there is no tomorrow. It costs £3.35

The next cosmetical thing that I am going to talk about is the Honey, I Washed The Kids! soap. This soap contains the infamous honey-toffee scent that I absolutely love and I am sure that I have talked about this product before! Lush describe this product as washing with crème brulee in solid form and I agree so much! It's sweet but not too sweet for a soap! It contains so many good things including wild orange oil and bergamot oil. I stock up on this in bulk because it is so good! Costs £3.40/100g

Okay so this is the one that people either love or loathe... What do I think of it? I absolutely love it! This one is the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt... The reason why it is a bath bomb melt is because the  cocoa butter outside melts away leaving a fizzy bath bomb core to fizz around your tub. People either love or loathe it mainly because of the amount of glitter on the exterior. I love it mainly for its scent and the properties within the bath bomb yet I can cope with the glitter. This is a Easter limited edition bath bomb so unless its Easter then you can't get it. I have another reason to why I love it which I'm going to talk about. Last year when the Golden Egg was first released, I was going to an As It Is gig and bought one on the day as I wanted to try it out because of the amount of glitter and rave reviews but basically I met the As It Is guys and talked to them about it and now I connect Patty Walters to the Golden Egg and it reminds me of that amazing night. It also contains Olive Oil and other great things! Costs £3.75 when you can get your hands on it.

The next product isn't a bath product... Wow! I know! It is a face and body cleanser. This product is called Let The Good Times Roll. It leaves your skin feeling so soft! The product has a sort of fudge like scent to it which makes it amazing to use... Remember the scene in Mean Girls where Aaron kisses Regina's face because it smells of mint? Imagine that but better as you can make sure that it actually isn't foot cream! This product contains polenta which sounds weird to use on yourself but it gently exfoliates the skin. It looks weird at first as it is a weird consistency but you mix a tiny amount with water into a paste and apply it! Costs £6.75/100g

I'm making a trip back to the bath bombs but it's going to be the last bath bomb that I talk about! This one is called Twilight. I think the reasoning behind the name is because twilight conveys darkness and tranquillity which they show perfectly with this ballistic! When you drop this beauty into water, it turns your water into the colours of the setting sun but then it slowly gets darker turning your bath water into a dark shimmery purple (you can make remarks thinking you're going to turn into Edward Cullen until you try it as that's not the case.) This bomb contains lavender, Tonka absolute and other great things. Everyone knows that lavender slowly sends you sleep so Twilight sets you down to slowly sleep when out of the tub! Costs £3.35

Breath of Fresh Air is toner water and within this paragraph I am going to tell you why it's one of my favourite products because I love this product so much! Lush describe this as the sea breeze in a bottle and I agree so much with that statement as it is so refreshing. It contains rose absolute which gives it that slight hint of sweetness. You can either use it to keep you refreshed which I have been doing recently especially as it has been nice weather in the past couple of weeks or you can use it to calm down redness and spots which is what I also do as I break out quite a lot. You can also use it as a make up remover which means that this product is so versatile and useful! Costs £4.25/100g

The next product is an ultimate favourite for me! Catastrophe Cosmetic is a fresh face mask. This does mean that you have to keep it in the fridge as it is fresh but what it does to your face is worth the crazy looks of your family when they find it in the fridge... This face mask is packed with blueberries, chamomile, almond oils and other great things. The way to use this product is to smear a personal amount onto your clean wet face and leave for 10-15 minutes whilst you do other things. I use this when I am going somewhere important as it calms my face down from breakouts and makes my skin feel so soft. If this doesn't sound like the best thing for your face as everyones skin is different then go to your local store where a staff member can help you find the best face mask for you! Did you know that blueberries are rich in Vitamin A, C and E? Costs £6.50

This is the penultimate product in my Lush favourites post! This product is a new one for some people especially if you've stuck mainly to the face/bath products... Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) is a massage bar. A massage bar is a creamy concoction which is formed in a bar. Imagine a portable moisturiser... Lush do many different bars including a Earl Grey scented one Shades Of Earl Grey) and one that is shaped like a Strawberry (Strawberry Feels Forever.) This one contains cocoa butter and a lot of citrus fruits... The scent is so uplifting and it would wake anyone up in a morning! You can either drag it directly over the part of body that youd like to moisturise or rub the bar between both of your hands and massage it into the skin. These bars are perfect for couples or if you're like me and are more of a Bridget Jones/single person then these are perfect to treat yourself with... Costs £5.95

This is the last product that I am going to talk about! My last Lush favourite is the Dorothy Bubble Bar... Bubbles hide a multitude of sins and suggest a multitude of others... If you don't know what a bubble bar is then its basically a bath product that's formed into a sort of bar that you crumble up under running water and it creates bubbles... The more you crumble, the more bubbles that are created.... This product contains orange oil and ylang ylang which kind of reminds me of lillies as it is one of those sweet clean floral scents yet this particular bubble bar turns the bath water a dark shade of aquamarine. It also has a rainbow on the front of it which reminds me of the LGBTQIA+ flag which makes me smile... Costs £3.25

So I hope that you have enjoyed this massive blog post! Don't forget to watch the video that goes along with this post and don't forget to comment if you've used any of these products and what you think of said product... I shall see you tomorrow for another Meowing In May!

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/ZSRDR82zgIc

Jamie x

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