Wednesday 27 May 2015

Happy Birthday To Me & Let's Thank You!

Meow, so this is technically a MIM post but the video to this got me annoyed so I am deciding not to upload it so I am just classing this as a normal post and videos and posts shall be going up from tomorrow till Sunday which will be the last MIM one even though a blog post and video a day hasn't really worked out...

Chocolate cake from GBBO because this would be a great birthday cake! 

So, from the title, today is my birthday... Not just any old birthday but my 18th where people class this as somewhat adulthood... Some class 21 as an adult etc.

I thought that I would just basically thank you guys for reading this... I would have never thought (this time last year) that I would set up a blog and talk about antything and everything such as mental health, food, beauty, personal things etc. I would never think that within a less than a year into blogging when I actually picked up the courage and started typing that 6000 (hopefully when this goes up as I'm on 5997 at this very minute...) would be reading me basically meowing and rambling about things on a weekly basis. I would never think that I would have worked with some of my favourite brands this time last year nor would I know that I would be invited to bloggers events where I am allowed to take pictures galore because honestly I'm not that good of a photographer... I wouldn't know this time last year that I would lose some very close friends but at the same time gain some amazing yet loyal friends via blogging who respect and acknowledge my opinion and accept me into the blogging community with open arms... I would never think that Leeds Student Magazine would want to know what I think is hot within fashion or anything like that...

Basically, this blog post has been created just to say thank you for everything... Thank you to all the amazing people I have met and I am now friends with including people like Kellie, Theresa, Olivia, Cat and so many more and I hope that I shall be able to do another post like this next year saying what has happened...

Thank you for reading and I hope you're having an amazing day!

Jamie x

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