Monday 13 July 2015

The Pink Cow Brand Mens Nourishing Face Cream Review

Meow! So I got sent a product from the amazing guys at the Pink Cow Company so I thought I would try it out and tell you all about it as I am going through a major moisturising phase at the minute. I hope that you enjoy the blog post and I shall put the links in for the website of the brand and if you want to buy products from them.

The founder of the brand who was an author, research expert, successful dairy farmer (that may be why the brand is called The Pink Cow Brand) and much more searched out to create a completely natural skincare range which would contain none of the nasty chemicals or additives found in most commercial beauty products found in drug stores...

They sent me out the Mens Nourishing Face Cream which I was thrilled to try out as I was loving moisturisers as I had just tried out the Olay moisturiser which I was loving. The moisturiser is meant just for the face and neck but can be used for so much much more such as a leave in conditioner which you rinse out and a post shave balm as it is an all natural product. This product soothes and calms the skin which then soothes and calms if anything has happened such as nicks from shaving which can happen sometimes.

This product is non greasy so it makes sure your face doesn't shine which is great especially if you're like me who vlogs every other week. It also instantly hydrates your skin which is great personally as my skin is dehydrated due to lactose intolerance/outbreaks 24/7 so this particular product helps quite a bit with my spots. I like to put this on at night after I've applied a little Midnight Recovery from Kiehls (I'm still using the sample I got given) to ensure that my skin is hydrated. It's super concerntrated so you only need a little bit. Less is more. The smell reminds me of biscuits which sounds weird but you will understand what I mean if you buy some.

I would give this a good 9/10. There's nothing wrong with the product but the smell does take a bit of getting used to but once you have stopped wondering if you can smell biscuits then its a great product. The packaging is a little bit deceiving as the brand label is upside down so you end up nearly opening the bottom of the box rather than the top but overall it is a great moisturiser that can be used more than a face moisturiser which makes it better for what you're buying if you're sceptical of buying new beauty products due to useage and their price.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. I know that the pictures aren't great but life is all about improving. I hope that you check out The Pink Cow Brand as they are an amazing brand. I'm going to apply some more of this moisturiser as it's amazing. I hope to see you next time for another post!

The Pink Cow Brand Website:

Jamie x

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