Sunday 12 July 2015

I'm Ugly. Get Used To It | Don't Judge Challenge Rant

Meow. Today's blog post is going to be basically what it says in the title. It's going to be a little rant about the trending don't judge challenge that's going on at the minute. I hope that it interests all of you.

The Don't Judge Challenge is where the general public post photos/videos where they Thdraw on unibrows, acne or other facial imperfections and then wipe all of their 'flaws' off to reveal the their natural beautiful selves. This challenge has trended on Instagram, Twitter and various other social media sites. The whole point of this challenge was to try and stop body shaming and accept ourselves for who we are. This was spurred on by several beauty bloggers who removed all of their makeup to reveal their acne which encouraged others to accept themselves. 

This 'challenge' has several flaws. You shouldn't have to do some silly challenge to reveal who you are. If you have self confidence then you should rock your beautiful self even if you have a million things wrong with you. As long as you have self confidence and you want to bare your natural face then that's absolutely great as you should accept yourself for who you are. This leads me on to the trend part of this challenge. You don't need to do some silly thing where you draw on yourself just because everyone else is doing it. If you want to show yourself off to the world then do it even if its just a picture of yourself when you're being your actual self. People hide and act as others when they feel like rubbish or when they feel unaccepted via today's society and seriously you don't need to do that. Go and be yourself even if that means spending all of your time laying in bed watching Netflix or doing sports or whatever.

The challenge is based off drawing imperfections onto your face but isn't this just shaming people who have said imperfections on their skin. You're mocking thousands of people who can't help being who they are and instead of covering it up they are actually trying to embrace it most days. All you're doing is giving the world more reasons to create ideas that are unrealistic. You're also being slightly hypocritical via drawing things on and then instantly removing them because you're not even showing off your natural self but instead you're creating something else which is synthetic which thus means you're covering yourself up a little bit more.

Society has put this ideology in place where everyone has to be perfect and if they aren't then the media can make money off it in many different ways. If you don't have the perfect body then there's a magazine/advert/something somewhere showing off a body size which will have been airbrushed and edited to try and get you to fit into that norm which then makes you feel bad about yourself which then means more money can be made. This is the same for anything. If you have imperfections then a piece of media will somewhere be showing the opposite and will be trying you to get rid of these imperfections and so forth.

Basically, we all need to stop thinking about what's on the inside instead of whats on the outside and without sounding more cliche and cheesy than it can I shall explain what I mean. Our bodys are only a vessel to ourselves. Its what is shown to others, to strangers, to animals etc but we need to stop judging the vessels that we are contained in and judge and appreciate our souls and what we are made of because then we won't care about what someones body is like and body shaming may stop making an appearance within life and thats when society may change for the better. We shouldn't do challenges like this and instead if we want to appreciate the natural beauty of yourself or someone else then show it even if its just a picture or a tweet or something. We need to be ourselves. We need to strip ourselves of all the fakery and just not care what others will think. I have imperfections. I get spots from lactose intolerance which then sometimes lead to scarring, my bridge of my nose grows hairs quite a lot, I have bad eye sight especially when it comes to the dark but it makes me me and I'm proud that things like that happen because my personality and the way I speak and act towards people should matter a hell of a lot more than something on my face.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Don't forget to comment down below with your thoughts on this as I would like to know your opinion and if you agree with me or not. I hope that you have found this post interesting and I hope you don't mind me ranting from time to time. I shall leave my Bloglovin below if you want to subscribe so you get notified everytime a post goes up. I shall see you next time for another post.

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