Friday 31 July 2015

#whoisarthur | The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton Kickstarter - Luke Cutforth


Photo is Luke's not mine. Not the most recent one.

So today is the 31st of July and Luke Cutforth has just announced after 2 weeks of promotion and speculation what #whoisarthur is. I'm mainly writing this to promote the Kickstarter which helps the project so please keep reading.

Luke Cutforth is a man from Hertfordshire who is most known for being on YouTube. Luke who is also known as LukeIsNotSexy is most known for his video about Fifty Shades of Grey video with YouTuber Bry, A Song About A Girl Video with As It Is member Patty Walters and other videos which include challenges with girlfriend/best friend Emma Blackery. (I did a post about Emma which I will link at the end of this post if you want to have a look at that after this.)

Luke announced #whoisarthur a few weeks ago which led to a website being set up which consisted mainly of a countdown until the details were released to the general public. This lead to speculation and guesses all over social media. Some included that it was all about a release of a book, some thought that it could be the name of himself and Emma's non existent baby and so on. The countdown was for today.

On the day of the release, Luke built up suspension via social media telling his many followers and viewers how he felt about telling the world all about his secret. This all lead to a livestream half an hour before with viewers and fellow YouTubers such as lgbtqia+ supporter Gary C and pun making Evan Edinger.

The time had arrived and the timebomb exploded onto Luke's YouTube channel. It was a video of himself talking to his viewers casually yet keeping a form of professionalism. He explained with clips of YouTube videos that he was within meetings and such to buy the rights to the book 'The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton' hence whoisarthur but he needed his viewers help due to companies wanting to cut bits out and not really portray the main themes of the novel which were what Luke wanted to show to the world.

The Drowning Of Arthur Brixton is well the account of Arthur who is a teenager that has suffered pain and trauma and how a first love can transform a dark and maybe the most unhappiest of lives into something wonderful and amazing. The best way to sum it up is a contemporary dark fairy tale.

Luke is slowly planning on making the novel into the film with the help of his viewers via Kickstarter which is a pledge funding site. Anyone can donate any amount of money which goes directly to the project but with pledges that give a certain amount of money comes rewards. These rewards can vary from a follow from Luke via his Twitter account all the way to being an extra on the film and premiere tickets to the screening. Once the goal has been fulfilled there will be an extra goal with more rewards which will make the film the best that it possibly can be.

If you want to participate within Luke's Kickstarter then I'll leave the link below. You definitely should as it will mean that you're helping to create an amazing film and you'll be fulfilling someone's dream of making a film. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I shall see you next time for another blog post.

Pledge Money Here:
Watch Luke's Video Here:
Check the blog post all about Emma here:

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