Friday 10 July 2015

Two Events In One Night?! | Cutler & Gross & Paul Mitchell Events

Meow, so I got invited to an event last week and then ended up sneaking into another event thanks to some amazing bloggers as there wasn't any spaces left for Luke apparently but I thought that I would talk about them to you today.

Me and Luke were invited to an event at the Victoria Quarter shopping centre as within the centre Cutler & Gross were opening their first ever Northern store. On the day, we went into Leeds a little bit early due to not knowing where to go as it was a new store. We ended up going an hour early therefore we had nothing to do for that hour so we decided to wander around and go to The Body Shop as they have a sale on at the minute. We found out that they have brought back some old favourites such as Passion Fruit and Papaya for the sale. We then wandered around Leeds City Centre until we knew it was time for the event.

We slowly walked up to the store where we found a professional looking man holding many glasses of champagne or Prosecco which I think it was. We grabbed a sparkling glass each and then we made our way into the polished store. We looked around and realised that we had entered an elite fashionable establishment. The store had a clear look going on with a monochrome theme due to the white shelves and the black background which made it a blank canvas for the eyewear to take centre stage.

I took pictures of the many products that they had on display within Cutler & Gross. We spoke to a man who was a part of the Cutler & Gross team as he talked to me about travelling up from London and looked heavily involved within the event. We then met Laura (A Forte For Fashion) and another blogger which I can't remember the name of but we made our way upstairs which screamed that the layout had been inspired via a chic London gallery. There was slightly casual sofas, professional photos, flowers and lots and lots of sunglasses and glasses. Myself and the bloggers talked about anything and everything which then resulted in us all trying on different products and taking selfies because well we wanted to capture the moment of trying on Cutler and Gross products and because we were having fun!

We were then treated to some canapes including Pork Belly, Chicken Liver Parfait, Brownies and much much more. Marie Wilkinson who was the host of the event talked to us for a while as she is the Head Of Design therefore she talked to us about what glasses mean to her personally and how she believes that they are slightly more than something on your face as they can define you and show your personality without you even moving your lips. She also talked to us about the new ranges and how certain ranges at Cutler and Gross are inspired by certain things to evoke a passion within the frame. I found it all very interesting and I loved the event.

We then went with the other bloggers to another event which was the Paul Mitchell event at the Quebec Hotel. I was invited but Luke was technically not so we decided to sneak in which sounds bad but it was quite thrilling at the time. We walked in like we owned the hotel. I wouldn't advise it unless very necessary. We were greeted with a hi and an offering of more Prosecco. We agreed to have some more, We walked around the room a bit and took in what was happening. We watched the ending of Kariss' hair makeover which made her look even more lovely. Once her makeover was finished, we talked for a bit and then tried out the male products which were mainly gels as there was a Tea Tree and another range available to try out... I'm not a big fan of gels due to my childhood and having such long hair. I read and sniffed them which then lead me to figure out that the Tea Tree range reminded me of a toned down Tea Tree range from The Body Shop whereas the other range smelt like a slightly toned down version of the Kiehls Midnight Recovery which sounds weird but as they both have quite a lot of Lavender in which I think is why I related the hair products to the skin product. We decided to leave as we had to get home but we were kindly given a goodie bag filled with a few great things.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. I know that I go to quite a few bloggers events but it gives me a reason to be social sometimes and I get to take pictures of products and learn things. I shall see you next time for another blog post. Thanks to Bespoke Beauty for inviting me and Luke to the Cutler and Gross event! Check out the bloggers below!


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