Tuesday 28 July 2015

What's Going On In Leeds This Week | The Birra Moretti Gran Tour


If you know me at all (even if its just via social media) then you will know that I love Italian food. I love fresh pasta filled with secret fillings to the eye. I love Italian pasta dishes where the pasta sauce gets into the ridges of the pasta. I love fresh Italian pizzas where you can tell that everything within it was freshly made with a little added love. I love the crispiness of the base from the added polenta that is added. I basically love Italian food quite a bit.

I've been invited to the Birra Moretti Gran Tour the night before it's available to all of you amazing people so I thought that I would tell you all about it as I may take a day to sort out the pictures, a day to write it and probably add the pictures and another day if I've been doing a vlog/if I have filmed at the event to edit and upload it onto YouTube so by the time I have actually talked to you all about it the tour would already be over and done with.

It's the first time that this intensely amazing Italian food festival is coming to Leeds which I think is amazing as it shows diversity and shows how cultural Leeds is. The festival is being held within Leeds Town Hall. It starts on Thursday (which is the 30th July) and finishes on Sunday (2nd August.)
You do have to buy tickets to go to the festival but they are only £10. I'll put the link down below.

This £10 ticket may be able to compared to more but you get a lot of bargain for your buck. You will get two Birra Morettis, two dishes from the vendors that are at the festival which means that you get to try out some authentic Italian food and a gelato. In my eyes that's pretty amazing for £10. You will also enjoy live music and masterclasses so you have a chance of learning how to make great food which you can replicate the next week or a year down the line where you can show off your cooking skills! (Taking a part in one could definitely help show yourself off to others if you're going to university this year as well.)

I can't wait for the festival. I shall hopefully vlog whilst I'm there so look out for that and the blog post explaining how it all went as some of you may not be able to come this weekend. You can literally eat your way through Italy within this festival so it's a great way to spend an evening within the weekend this week!

Buy Tickets Here: http://moretti-gran-tour.designmynight.com/

Jamie x

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