Tuesday 15 September 2015

What Clothes Do I Need For University?



So, that time of year has came back around where students are frantically trying to sort everything out as they are still shocked about finally getting into university, leaving home and fending for themselves. I thought that I would advise you on what to take with you to uni so you don't instantly end up wearing everything you have in the first week.

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I already expect these to be somewhat of a staple in any persons life but if they aren't then thats fine. Shirts are one of the best items of clothing to take to university as they are pretty versatile. You can purchase them in many different colours, patterns and fabrics. You can wear one buttoned up to go out in, you can wear a long sleeved one with the sleeves partially rolled up if you want to be a bit more casual or if you want to go completely casual then you can wear one with a baggy top to your first ever lecture.


Jumpers are more of a clothing item when it comes to Winter but as we're in England they can be for any day of the year. Again, jumpers are so versatile but they can help you be warm which is a big bonus in university due to the cost of heating. They also give a simple outfit that something that is lacking. A baggy jumper could be layered with something like a general top or maybe a polo shirt with jeans to give a smart casual look which could be for drinks, shopping or much more. I think if you're going for a bright jumper then keep everything else simple.



This simple item of clothing can do wonders. It can help you keep warm in the colder months, can make an outfit really sing or keep you looking good. Hats have been known for either Summer or Winter, In Summer, five panel caps make a grand entrance adding a touch of urban influenced style to your outfit but in Winter beanies are usually seen to keep your head warm or to add something to an outfit which will be great if you're shopping in that Winter sale for maybe something to wear when you're back at university after the holidays.



Everyone has a massive collection of t-shirts but they are the ultimate thing that you need to take to uni with you. They can be used for lounging about in, to cook something in, for lectures, shopping, socialising and much more. Wear them on their own with jeans for a quite casual look, layered with cardigan to give a more seasonal look or even with pj bottoms for when you really want to be lazy. They're pretty cheap which means that you can bulk up on a lot of them and still have money left for other things that you need or for when you want to go out for the night.



This sounds like such an obvious one but just hear me out... Shoes can either make or break an outfit, I mean you don't see people wearing a suit with slippers on, do you? Try and make sure you bring shoes with you that fit what you're going to be doing so maybe at least one pair of smart shoes, one pair of trainers, some slippers and maybe another pair if needed? Also when taking shoes to university, make sure to check the durability of them. If they aren't that durable then will they last long in your life if you're going to be doing a lot of walking etc? It will help you in the long run.

I hope that these words of advice will help you if you're going to university this year and I hope that you don't murder your body via Freshers. I hope you have enjoyed this advice post and I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

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