Saturday 12 September 2015

Stop The Labelling. I'm Not A 'Male Blogger'! I'm A Person | Rant

So, this is a rant post and I'm going to try and keep it as less rambly as possible but I've felt like I've needed to write about this for quite a while and I don't know how well this is going to go but it needs to be talked about and even if I'm behind on loads of posts this needs to published and known as soon as possible. I hope you stay for the full of this post. Oh and sadly the picture isn't my own picture of someone...

A male blogger is obviously someone who has a penis and blogs. They share ideas on their blog and might review things just like any other blogger but instantly aren't a blogger, they're a male blogger and seeing as I have a penis sadly (I wish I had no genitals so I could just be a human being) I am labelled and told that I'm a male blogger. I'm not a 'male' blogger. I'm just a human who likes to write his ideas and opinions down and shares them with the world because he has no one else to do that with and I honestly love doing that.

I'm confused with why people who have a penis and who blog are put into this label as a 'male blogger'. I mean, are they a rare endangered specie? Are they different to everyone else in the world who blogs? I know guys who blog about beauty, fashion and everything else and yet they're a male blogger but when a female does the same thing they're not a female blogger, they're just a blogger? I see more and more bloggers and I honestly think that this slight divide of putting people within a label and means that people might not be that up for sharing ideas which also might affect events as it may make an event more awkward which is making the people who have put the event all together feel like they've wasted time, money and effort. This also works two ways though. Brands also define 'male blogger' and may think that they shouldn't be at the event that they've put on. I don't care if the event is for dresses or makeup that I'm never going to use. I have people who have a vagina who read my blog who may want to read my opinion on a makeup line. I honestly find makeup interesting when people apply it and I'm happy to talk about it so don't exclude me just because I'm a 'male blogger'.

If we all just said we're people who like to express our opinions on the internet and stop using every label that there is to do with blogging/writing then I think we would become a better community and more equal within the world and in some way it might hinder your writing or whatever but it would definitely help it.

I'm sorry but I just felt like I needed to rant slightly and I know it made no sense whatsoever but I'm a person not someone who is solely doing it for the money or to create a business where it's just going to solely benefit myself or get to a point where expressing my opinions becomes a bore because of other people because then theres no point in doing anything which is creative such as this.

I hope you don't mind me ranting and making no sense from time to time and I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. I think in the end, I'm saying stop gendering people. Just because people have a penis or a vagina it doesn't mean that they shoved into a box or labelled as anything especially when it comes to writing and such forth.

Oh yeah, thanks to people like Kellie, Georgina anybody else who writes and expresses their opinion for showing me that it's great to basically not give a fuck and write what you want to write.

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Jamie x

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