Monday 7 September 2015

Melting In A Mesmerising Massage | Molton Brown Victoria Quarter - Leeds Event


NB: I did have pictures but I can't find them so the ones on the post are obviously not mine. This was meant to be up ages ago but I forgot I had this post written and stuff... Sorry. 

I was invited to an event in Leeds last week and I thought I would tell you all about it. I didn't take my camera so I didn't really get any pictures as we went in mainly to do some shopping and went to the event when we had to.

Molton Brown are a beauty/bath and body store that have perfected their style over time. They are well known for their bright and bold packaging and unique scents such as Pink Peppercorn candle. They originate from London and have been going since 1973. They are slightly higher priced than high street bath and body products but they are worth it if you want something indulgent to soak in.

When we walked into the store, we wandered around the store to see what things they actually sold as I only knew about the Pink Peppercorn candle before hand but we had a look and found out that they do a lot of exotic scents including one called Caju and Lime which smells like a beach in my opinion.

We slowly made our way over to the station where there was sinks and counters which were for massages. We were asked to smell four different scents and choose the one that we wanted massaging onto us. There was the choice of either Eucalyptus, Gingerlily, Ylang-Ylang and Pink Peppercorn. Luke chose Eucalyptus as he liked the fresh citrus scent but he also liked that it was meant to be uplifting and I chose Ylang-Ylang due to the sweetness of the scent but also because it is a comforting scent.

Once we had chosen our scents, we sat down where we had our arms softened via water within the grand sinks that were in store. The body wash of our scents were then applied and then massaged into our arms and hands and then rinsed and patted dry with towels that were a bright yellow which slightly added to the brightness of the whole massage.

Whilst Luke was having his massage provided by Olivia, I chatted with Isabella about everything beauty wise such as the products in store, the scent I had chosen, Lush, Jo Malone, Harvey Nichols, blogging and magazines which was fun because sometimes you might feel slightly awkward when being massaged so chatting to someone about things you enjoy may help the experience.

The new body polishers were then applied. This is what the whole massage was based around from what I remember. The Eucalyptus one contains sugar particles which get into the skin to remove dirt and get into all the pores. I didn't use this one so I can't say much about it. The Ylang-Ylang one contains Black Vanilla grains which tone the skin and get into the nooks and crannies of the skin. This scrub also gives off such a comforting yet sweet scent which reminds me of baked pastries weirdly. The grains scrubbed at the skin but didn't give a harsh feeling to the skin which is good within a scrub because sometimes they can be a bit harsh and then your skin will feel irritated and you're trying to help it recover for the next few weeks.

We then had the body lotion applied to us. Luke's scent didn't have a body lotion and he can't remember the scent it was but he liked it. I had the Ylang-Ylang body lotion massaged into my skin to fully echo the scent. I loved it as it gave off such a powerful scent but I also liked how it sunk into my skin pretty quickly and the texture of it was quite light so I could apply it after a shower and then go off and do what I need to with my day.

I was still talking to Isabella at this point and she recommended that I tried out the Oudh Accord and Gold Fragrance. I smelt it and it reminded me slightly of a really dark wood scent that I had smelt somewhere before but I loved it as it still had the vanilla in which made it slightly sweet. She spritzed a bit onto my wrists which completed the massage.

Whilst the massage was going on, we were offered some orange juice to go with the healthy feel of having a massage but also to go with the fresh scents that surrounded us such as Caju and Lime and to compliment all of the bright colours. We were also offered some brownies from Filmore & Union which I have sampled before at the Jo Malone event. I had the vegan brownies which were amazing. Dark and nutty but very moreish. We were also given a discount card for Filmore & Union on that day.

We were given a little goodie bag which contained two body lotions which I may use soon as the scents are strong and I feel like they would be perfect for a busy day which may include shopping, blogging, travelling... Who knows? The bag also contained a freshly scented shower gel which I shall use when I want something invigorating.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post. Have you been to Molton Brown in Victoria Quarter in Leeds? If so then comment down below with what you think of the store and their products.

Jamie x

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