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I went to London and as I said in my London post, I was going to do a blog post about Lush Oxford Street so this is what this is. I'm planning on doing a Lush series due to the amount of products I h

On the Sunday of the London weekend, I decided to do some shopping... Some is probably an understatement. I went into several places such as Whittard Of Chelsea, H&M and other places but the main shop that we spent most of our time in on that day was Lush as the store on Oxford Street is the flagship store for the whole of England deeming it a superstore.

I entered the store and was welcomed by a lovely woman. She told me to enjoy every moment of the Willy Wonka-esque store. I asked her if I was okay to take some pictures. I didn't take that many in the end due to wanting to enjoy the store and not be that person who wanders around a store awkwardly not picking up anything and just taking pictures...

On the first floor was the hair lab, hair care, skin care, shower, make up, lip balms and toothy tabs. On the ground floor was a selfie booth which I didn't have time to go into, candles, massage bars, Gorilla Perfumes and the top floor consisted of bath ballistics, bath oils, bubble bars, gift sets and FUN.

I wandered around the ground floor until a sales assistant came up and told me about the new bath bomb that is for charity which was the Skylander at the time. It reminded me of May Day and once we saw what it did, we slowly walked on. Another member of staff asked us if we were okay and told us a little bit about the layout.

We made our way over to the hair section where we saw many bottles and lots of different portable products which turned out to be solid shampoo and conditioner bars including Seanik, Soak & Float and many many more. I kept wandering on until I found exactly what I had been looking for which was the Hair Custard which is a new 'Hair Dressing' which is just a multi purpose hair product but this one had the colour and scent of creamy vanilla custard. It fights static and adds moisture to the hair giving it a lovely shine. It can be added onto wet or dry hair and contains Argan Oil, Egg White, Honey, Strawberry Juice and many other oils but isn't vegan due to the Egg White and probably the honey depending on your opinion of it. Priced at £12.95

We walked past the skincare section and saw the iced shelves which face masks laid upon. A lovely member of staff who was sat down at the iced shelf came up to me and asked if I had tried out the new masks? I hadn't but I had brought along my five tubs to get a free fresh face mask. She sat me down and talked about all three face masks and then went to go get a plate where three patches of the different face masks were smeared upon.

The first one that was demo'd on me was Don't Look At Me. It's one of their new exfoliating masks which has murumuru butter within and has a aqua blue colour to it. The murumuru helps moisturise the face whereas the ground rice scrubs into the skin which gets rid of dirt and whatnot. The rice milk also adds to the moisurisation. This mask also contains lemon juice which tones your skin. This face mask contains some other great things in it but it is one of the most moisturising products from Lush which has a great citrus scent. Priced at £6.50.

The next one that was tried on me was the Prince Of Darkness. The other two will slowly be coming into regular stores but this one won't. This one contains Fullers Earth, Powdered Charcoal and Lavender Oil just to name a few so it scrubs into your skin but makes it soft at the same time. Charcoal has been proven to benefit the skin and help with things such as spots. The colour is dark therefore it might put a bit of people off but its only slightly darker than Cupcake and has been influenced via Ozzy Osbourne.

The last mask is The Man In The Mushroom Mask. The name is from the late Michael Jackson from what I can tell. This one from the title obviously contains mushrooms but it also contains turmeric and avocado which brighten up and moisturise the face which gives it a sweet scent more than anything else. The turmeric brightens the skin up which may look a bit scary due to the colour but it washes off just like the other masks.

We then saw the hair lab as Sylvia told us about is so I decided to ask if I could have a demo and I did. I was asked various questions about my hair and I told them all about it such as how many times I've bleached and dyed my hair, how much I damage it via heat on a weekly basis and other things. I was then showed what products were the best to use with my hair and those turned out to be Hairy Mcclairy and American Cream. I was asked to put a barber style cloth thing which I slipped my arms and then got the member of staff to secure the velcro around my neck so nothing would affect what I was wearing. (It felt like silk!) I then had my hair washed and was told that my hair wasn'r damaged. The products were applied and rinsed and my hair felt and smelt amazing. The conditioner was applied and rinsed. American Cream left such a sweet scent which made me want to lather the conditioner on my hair 24/7 which may not be the best thing in the world to do. I was then recommended the tangle Hot Oil Treatment mainly as my hair wasn;t damaged so the Damaged Hot Oil Treatment didn't seem right for my hair. I was also given Odango compared to Hairy Mcclairy which has a slight floral scent to it... In the end I was given a little lush bag containing the shampoo and conditioner that the lovely member of staff had used on my hair and was told if I needed to blow dry or style my hair then I was absolutely free to. I blow dried my hair and thanked the lovely staff member and wandered off to the soap bar.

We spotted the soap bar from afar and wandered how many new bars of soap there were in total/ We made our way towards the bar and glared at all the wonderful bars of soap. We instantly saw Layer Cake which has five different fruits, colours and scents within the soap so every slice might be different as you may get a different xcent. The base of the soap has been made to be more environmentally friendly via the use of no palm oils and instead fresh organic Coconut and Rapeseed oils which gives it a more luxurious feel. We saw Sea Salted Caramel Soap which is amazing, Cream Of Tomato Soap which is so different, Sticky Banana Soap and many other soaps. Instead of other Lush stores where you can either buy the prewrapped ones or take the whole block up and then ask, at the soap bar all you do is ask the member of staff who is happy to cut you a piece of soap for you to take home. Luke bought quite a few for some presents but I personally bought the Sea Salted Caramel as I instantly fell in love with the scent. It's sweet yet smoky... It's just mmm...

We then glanced at the shower gels and I instantly saw The Comforter Shower Cream. Now I know that it's available in all stores now but Oxford Street do 1 litre bottles of all your favourite shower gels and creams and it looked like a gas canister from heaven with its fuchsia glow. I was very tempted to smuggle five of them out of the store but I didn't. I wandered on and found Beautiful, Lord Of Misrule shower cream. Don't Rain On My Parade and Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair. I also found the Wash Sheets which are essentially soap but in paper form. The whole concept of them is that they have lyrics on which you sing in the shower whilst you rip a bit off and wash yourself with it. If you rip it by accident then it's fine as it's that pliable that it goes back together.

We made our way to the top floor via the lift due to Luke and cane. The lift was one of the best things in the world. The glass encased space had such a soothing voice that told us which floor we were on and the little birds calling and tweeting which echoed the space just created such a calming feeling and then you went back into the hustle and bustle of the shop floor.

We entered the top floor to all of the gift sets within the world which looked like an absolute masterpiece. We walked on and saw all of the bath bombs which were stacked into neat wooden like storage sort of boxes which made them slightly look more like they should be in a florist. We saw the new ones which include Cyanide Pill, Frozen (in all stores), Experimenter (all stores) Golden Wonder and a good few more which were sitting next to familiar products such as Fizzbanger, Twilight and Dragons Egg. I wandered and after quite a lot of time decided on getting a Guardians Of The Forest and Cyanide Pill...

We walked over to the bath oils. The bath oils are a new concept for Oxford St but a already existing one for Lushies. Bath oils are kind of bath melts but slightly smaller and with a more vivid colour and stronger scent to them thus making them a smaller cheaper alternative to the bath ballistic instead of using them along with a bath ballistic for the nourishing properties. They're set out to look like Pick & Mix bonbons within the store with bags at the side to pop them in. They literally look like sweets so it's tempting to grab more than you probably need for the minute... I decided to get five which seems excessive but ah well.

We then decided to go downstairs even though I missed where the new Purple (The Comforter scented) FUN and other new FUN's and the bubble bars. We wandered around the shower products and the lip products and decided to get a few things and headed for the tills. We would have explored more including the bottom floor with the spa and new products such as the Dreamtime Temple Balm but as it was a Sunday everything shuts earlier and I was on the hunt for a bag.

All in all, Lush Oxford Street is an amazing place especially for Lushies and now the novelty has calned down a bit with only a selection of products being exclusive it's an amazing place to spend a few hours of your time. The staff are amazing and it's an interactive store with things such as the Hair Lab. The staff are amazing which is the same with all stores but you can tell they relish in working there, If you're going to London then go there but don't strain yourself if you can't and you want to go just because it's Lush. I have a feeling a few more stores like this may pop up in the future but when I'm next in London I shall be returning there.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. It was meant to go up a while ago but I have had personal things that made it impossible to get this out when I wanted. Sorry. If you've ever been to Lush Oxford Street then let me know in the comment box below. I shall see you next time for another blog post!

Visit Lush Website For Oxford St Exclusives on there:

Jamie x

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