Saturday 27 June 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Bloggers Event | Leeds Briggate

Meow, welcome to another post. Today's post is going to be about a bloggers event that I was invited last week as the title is pretty explanatory...

The lovely people at the Leeds Briggate store emailed me and invited me and Luke to an event showcasing the Virgin Mojito range. I already knew that I love the VM range so I knew that I would have to go as the sound of an event all focused around the new Virgin Mojito range sounded amazing to me in my head as it would echo the scent and atmosphere of summer which is amazing in England as Summer means high wind and a good chance of rain not drinking mojitos and sunbathing.

When we had got to the Briggate store after finally getting my phone fixed, we were greeted by the lovely store manager Tahira as we were the first ones to attend so we chatted for a few minutes as I had emailed her beforehand about my anxiety as I was expecting it to be a very packed event which sounds a bit awkward but me and large crowds only go down well if I know that I can actually get away from the crowd... Some other bloggers came and we were put into a group which then led us to being pampered and having massages...

I was served by an employee called Rachel who waited for me to get comfortable in the seat before she started the massage. She then asked me if I preferred the texture of the sorbet or the body butter... As I love both but wasn't up for waiting a good while for my skin to absorb the body butter, I decided to go for the body sorbet as it is cooling and absorbs within seconds as I know from using the Fuji Green Tea Sorbet. Rachel talked to me about anything and everything whilst massaging the refreshing product into my skin. We even discussed Pretty Little Liars which was fun as my life has been around that show as I have been binge watching it lately. Once the arm & hand massage had finished we meandered over to the hair side of the store.

We went over to the hair side of the store where there was lots of different shampoos and conditioners such as the Banana shampoo and conditioner and other hair products. We found out about the banana range that it doesn't do much but it's a cult favourite due to the smell which is true as people such as Emma Blackery has raved about this product in the past. We also found out about the Ginger Anti- Dandruff hair range which included that there is certain chemicals that helps reduce dandruff and that ginger has been used within the medicinal world for centuries so it has been proven that it does amazing things for the hair. We also found out that The Body Shop do a range of hair products to suit specific hair needs so if you need something that will give your hair more volume then there is a hair product that will help with exactly what you need for your hair.

Once we had oohed and ahhed at the different hair products, we walked over to the make up range which sounds weird as we don't really wear make up but we still walked over. We were greeted again by the lovely Sophie who had massaged Luke's arm. She talked about the different things that are at The Body Shop makeup wise and talked to us about makeup which was actually pretty interesting. I found out how the Kendall sisters enhance certain body parts and other things. We then went onto all of the new things that are at The Body Shop make up wise including some amazing highlighting domes. She also talked to us about the new eyeshadows which tied in with the new Virgin Mojito range as one of them was a bright sparkly green colour which looked great but looked more amazing when it was slightly a bit wet... Sophie also talked about the new fragrances that are coming to The Body Shop which includes the new Italian Fig fragrance which is slightl sweet but has a woody sort of earthy backnote to it which we later found out was Amber.

Once we had a thorough chat with Sophie, we then went around the store looking at the Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the Drops Of Youth range as the station that was being used for a beauty consultant was full at the time so we thought it would be better to try out some of the products. We found out that the Vitamin C has a sort of citrus scent where as the Vitamin E range has a more subtle scent to it which adds to the use of the product as you're not going to use it as much no matter the benefits if it doesn't smell somewhat good to you...We tried out the Vitamin C face spritzer as we had already tried out the moisturiser from the range before... I can't remember which Vitamin E product that we used...

I then finally decided on buying the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet as I loved the texture of the product. I got to try some of the sorbet chilled which was excellent when applied to the skin as it gave the body a great sensation so I felt like I had to buy some. The scent from the sorbet is quite strong but I love the Virgin Mojito scent so I know that I am going to be applying this a lot during the Summer even if it is pouring it down outside as I can close my eyes, apply this and imagine that I'm in a nice exotic location... I also had the advantage of 35% off any products for the night which was an added bonus.

I also got a goody bag for attending but I am going to leave that for the next post where I explain my opinions on the Virgin Mojito range so it'll be a sort of a mini haul post... I can't thank the staff at the Leeds Briggate The Body Shop store for inviting me to come along to this amazing event as I had a lot of fun and learnt some new things and I got to smell the amazing Virgin Mojito range which I am already in love with.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. If you have tried any of the Virgin Mojito range then comment down below with your opinion on the range. I shall see you next time for another blog post. If you want to buy any of the Virgin Mojito range then I shall leave a link below!

Video About The Event:
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Jamie x

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