Tuesday 30 June 2015

Lets Talk About Laverne Cox

Meow! This is a different post to what I normally write but I felt like this post is needed within the world. It may be rambly/raw and it may be a bit weird but this post is needed so let's talk about Laverne Cox.

From The Daily Mail Website

So for anyone that doesn't know who Laverne Cox is then where have you been for the last two years?! Laverne is an amazing actress who found fame via the Netflix original Orange Is The New Black. She found fame within the show via playing Sophia, the transgender hairdresser with her own salon within Litchfield.

Laverne is the first open trangender person to win an Emmy and also the first African-American transgender person to produce and star in her own show. I think that this shows how determined and strong she is. She also has a twin brother who appeared on Orange Is The New Black within the pre operational stages of Sophia's life. Laverne is also getting a waxwork figure at Madame Tussauds London which is such a groundbreaking thing for the LGBTQIAP+ community as it shows that the world is growing and evolving. Laverne is also the first transgender person to be on the front of TIME magazine which breaks the pattern of not celebrating equality and letting everyone being themselves.

I think personally Laverne has set the world out for the future which may sound slightly odd to a few of you but she has set the frame for people to be who they are within the public eye especially within the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner has also said that Laverne was a great inspiration when she decided to be a woman. If Laverne can show that she can be on the front of TIME magazine and live a full yet amazing life then anyone can do it and we don't need anyone to shun or make ourselves feel unaccepted. I think that thanks to Laverne we could all live in equality within a quicker time that we thought. People like Laverne and all the other LGBTQIAP+ advocates are showing that everything is moving in time and it is not going back in time which is a great thing.

I am sorry that this post didn't make a lot of sense but I just kind of wanted to ramble and talk a bit and explain why I love Laverne quite a lot. Do you think that Laverne has changed the world for the future? Comment below and let me know as this 'Let's Talk About Laverne Cox' post means that we should comment and talk about our thoughts and opinions as they may change the world slightly for the better.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time for another post. Don't forget to check Laverne's acting out via Orange Is The New Black which has a new series out on Netflix which is available to watch right now!

Jamie x

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