Sunday 14 June 2015

Kiehls Bloggers Event

Meow, so I got invited to a bloggers event by the lovely Hannah at the Kiehls York store so I thought  that I would do a blog post all about it... I didn't take a lot of photos nor are the photos I did take amazing so you'll just have to cope with them but it will all be explained within the blog post. I hope you enjoy this blog post!

So, we got to York and slowly got lost thanks to Apple Maps until we finally realised where to go which resulted us in finding the store within five minutes. We arrived at the Kiehls store 20 minutes late... Some may say that's way too late for a bloggers event but I say that it's fashionably late...

We entered the store and realised that I had just entered a beauty wonderland which was filled with products. We were instantly offered some Strawberries and the options of either flavoured water or Cava. Luke doesn't really drink and I choose not to due to anxiety so we both opted for the flavoured water. We sat down quickly as everyone was waiting for us. The lovely Hannah started off and let the other colleague talk about the origins of Kiehls. Did you know that it started in New York? Did you know that its over 150 years old? Theres so much knowledge and information behind Kiehls including that it's owned by the L'oreal company so you know every product is worth it.

Hannah then asked one of us to come to the front so she could demonstrate some products on us... I nearly decided to go up but I didn't. This meant doing a few tests... It does sound scary but it is literally two tabs. One on the forehead and one on the cheek. Basically what this does is measure your personal skin type. It does this via coming up with a colour on the tab and that colour then relates to a specific skin type. Mine came out as normal on the forehead which represents the t-zone and I was dry in the cheek area which shows that area of skin was dehydrated which is explainable via my lactose intolerance causing redness and spots galore around that area and the added bonus of puberty...

She tested the bloggers skin and found out that she is quite dry in some places but quite oily in some places with the added bonus of sensitive skin so it was all about getting the right balance and keeping it all simple for sensitive skin. She used a lot of different products including the Calendular range which is very well known to anyone who has or does shop at Kiehls. Laura then came round and tested the products within the demonstration on us such as the calendular range, the well known hand salve and other great products.

Once this demonstration had been done, Hannah and Laura came round to do our tests which I have talked about above and then recommended some of the products to use. I got recommeneded a mixture of products including a face mask that Michelle Keegan has raved about before as she used it quite a bit in the build up to her wedding, It's called the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque. It contains things such as oatmeal and white clay which makes your skin amazing and minimises pores.

We then put our names into a prize draw to win a load of Kiehls goodies as we did it last minute as we had came in late. We didn't win but it was all great fun to participate in as this doesn't happen at most events that I get invited to.

Now, let's get on to the goodie bag... I know you're all wondering what would be in a Kiehls goodie bag so I will tell you. The first thing that was within the bag was a shake made especially for us at Filmore & Union which I think was near the Kiehls store but they have one in many different places in Yorkshire including Leeds and Skipton. It's called the Kiehls shake. Straight to the point. The drink consists of spinach, apple, and some other great things from what I remember.  I got a leaflet in the bag which was basically a 50% off voucher which I will use at some point as the drink was pretty delicious. I should have more green shakes in my life!

I also received some macaroons from Betty's Tea Room. The french meringue things not the coconut things. I have always heard great things about Betty's Tea Room and I was pretty happy when I saw the packaging with their logo on the front of it. The macaroons were lemon and chocolate flavoured. The lemon flavour basically reminded me of summer with the bright yellow colour and the zesty flavour where as the chocolate ones were the complete opposite and were more comforting as they tasted of rich cocoa goodness...

I also got some amazing Kiehls samples. Kiehls products are amazing and I have wanted to try some of the things from Kiehls but I never have for some reason so I was so happy when I noticed that I giot samples of products such as Creme De Corps, Midnight Recovery and other amazing products. They weren't in the full form but they make great travel sized products or little sized products to try out for the first time.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. I'll put a link to the Kiehls website if you want to have a look at their products. I can't thank Hannah and the staff at Kiehls York store for inviting me and I can't wait to try out all of the samples that I got as I know that they are going to be amazing! I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

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