Wednesday 10 June 2015

Cake Shaped Beauty Products?! - Yorkshire Soap Company - Leeds Store Review

Meow. I'm basically going to talk about my new favourite place within the whole of Leeds so I hope that you enjoy reading this post.

When I went into Leeds for my little haul, I went into Yorkshire Soap Company as I got told some amazing things about it by Kel. I'll put her blog link at the bottom of the post. I got told that it was such an amazing little beauty boutique so I thought that it deserved checking out and I loved it that much I thought that I would tell you all about it.

Yorkshire Soap Company is a company that started in Hebden Bridge that sells lots of different beauty products. This includes soap, bath bombs, shower gels etc. They are most known for their soaps which are in the form of cupcakes and cake slices. I know it sounds weird but it makes the products very cute in a way that's slightly unexplainable.

Their stores aren't that hard to miss with their bright stone influenced exterior which gleams in any light that hits it. The interior screams cute boutique cake shop which sounds weird but it really works. The products that resemble food products are all on cake stands giving the beauty store a sort of French-English patisserie sort of vibe which makes it feel more intimate when purchasing products. The cherry on the top of all of this is the cute yet classical Julie Andrews soundtrack that plays in the background...

If you know me then you will know that I have a slight problem with buying too many beauty products so when I finally went into this store I couldn't resist as their staff were so polite and absolutely amazing.A marvellous member of staff called Louise came over and talked to me just about things in general including the amount of shopping I had done and then told me to just get in and sniff as much as I want. The smells and look of all of the products made me slightly hungry yet slightly wanting to live in the store...

Now as I have been in several times since the haul, I am going to talk about everything that I have purchased. The first time that I went in and smelt everything Louise had suggested to me, I finally decided on a Chocolate cake slice of soap. It smelt of chocolate and looked like chocolate cake so I could not not buy it. It's one of those soaps that I know I am going to use a lot of and sniff my hands for the rest of the day once I have applied it.

The second time I went into YSC, I dragged Luke in with me and I talked to Louise again about blogging which resulted in getting a few samples. These included a very zesty citrusy orange influenced soap, a calming lavender soap and a clean sort of sea breeze influenced soap. Luke also bought a Cherry Bakewell cake slice as he loves cherry things at the minute.

The last time I went in which was the weekend just gone, I bought a Cherry Bakewell bath bomb as this was sweeter than the soap and it smelt nice and I also bought a Knickerbocker Glory bath bomb as it smelt sweet and looked so pretty... It felt very chunky to be a bath bomb and I thought it was more of a bubble bar thing but I think it's a bath bomb.

I would give Yorkshire Soap Company a 9.9. Why not a ten? The soundtrack might not be to some people's taste but otherwise it is an amazing/perfect beauty store. I love the quirkiness of the whole store and the concept of moulding food and beauty products together... They're not edible but they look good enough to eat. They have scents to suit everyone from Yorkshire lad which is could be for men to ones like Yorkshire Rose which could be for women... I shall be coming into the store within Leeds city centre a lot... This may become my new beauty product shrine...

If you want to check them out then do it via twitter as their website is getting revamped at the minute.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post all about the Yorkshire Soap Company. Have you ever been to the Yorkshire Soap Company? If so then comment down below with your opinions. I hope to see you next time for another blog post. I hope you also stay happy and that you have an amazing week.

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