Sunday 28 June 2015

The Body Shop Haul

Meow,  welcome to another blog post. If you have read the VM Bloggers Event post then you will know what this post is going to be all about. If not then the title will explain a bit of the blog post.

So, when I went to the bloggers event, I received a goody bag filled with some amazing products and as I know that most of you enjoy my little haul posts I thought that it would be a good idea to do a blog post on what I got within the goodie bag. I also bought a little extra treat for myself which I will talk about in a bit more detail below...

The first thing that I got in the goody bag is three little samples... The first sample pot contained Virgin Mojito Shower Gel. This little sample will be perfect for when I'm travelling or when I go down to London for Summer In The City as it means that I dont have to take the full version. The texture is a slightly thick gel but the smell is to die for. The strong lime and mint is perfect for when you've came back from a festival or when it's warm weather. It is the shower gel to use for the summer.

The next little sample is the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet which is so good! The texture is thick but not too thick and is the perfect product to use if you want something refreshing and moisturising on the body without waiting or having a slight greasy feel. It is a great product to use before you go to work or anything like that. The sample size is perfect for travel or when you need to top up on nourishment to the body. The scent is slightly stronger than the shower gel but is great for a day time use.

The last sample is such a great little product. It is the Virgin Mojito Body Butter. Now yes this is thicker than the Body Sorbet and it takes longer for the product to sink in but it does great things for the body as it contains Shea Butter which can help with things such as stretch marks. The scent is still the signature lime and mint but I think that it's a great product for any time of the day such as before putting a bikini or anything like that on or at night before bed. If mixed with a little SPF then I think that this would be perfect to apply whilst you sunbathe even if it's in your back garden.

I also got a few sample sachets of things such as the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser with its orange like scent and other things such as the Vitamin E Serum In Oil but it would become a mini essay if I talked about them all in detail...

I also got a Pink Grapefruit Body Puree. The scent of this product is so fresh and fruity. It reminds me slightly of grapefruit juice but with added orange which sounds weird but if you know of the scent then you will understand what I mean. The texture is very light but has a liquid consistency which sinks in almost within a minute of application which I love. I feel like this will be an awesome product to use in a morning when you just want something with a cut throat scent but does the job of moisturising and leaving you awake. I will be using this a lot during the summer and probably after that.

From The Body Shop Website 

I also got a Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion. Now, I don't really use foot products until I have an event that I feel like I need to use foot products for which sounds weird but yeah. Peppermint foot products always remind me of Mean Girls but this product is quite good. The peppermint is there but its not over too strong. The cooling sensation kicks in as soon as you've applied it which all in all makes it a great product.

From The Body Shop Website

The next few things are all from the Virgin Mojito range. I didn't buy them all at once before you ask. The first VM product is the Body Splash. This is a new concept/design at The Body Shop as most of their new range EDT's come in a spray bottle (such as the Fuji Green Tea EDT) whereas the Body Splash comes in a dome like bottle which you splash the liquid onto your skin instead of spritzing. The whole point of the Body Splash is to refresh the scent on your skin so you get the long lasting scent of lime and mint. I love the body splash but it could do with a little less alcohol within the product and if it lasted a little bit longer then it would be the perfect summer product.

The next VM product that I bought was the Virgin Mojito Shower Gel. I have mentioned it above but I love the scent of it and I love getting quick showers so I felt like it was a must to buy it. It's so good. The lime and mint stay on the skin after the shower and it froths up in the shower quite quickly and well so it's a good shower gel to invest in.

This VM product is also mentioned above but I shall talk a little bit more about it as I bought this as well at the bloggers event. The Body Sorbet is a refreshing product but as I was massaged with it at the event I knew that I loved it from the moment I saw it. The staff then brought out another bottle of it and mentioned that it is amazing when applied from the fridge which then resulted in me trying the cold version which made me instantly want it. I will be applying this when I'm in a hurry etc. It is such a great product...

The last VM product is the Body Butter. Now I also got a 50ml version within the goody bag which I can't wait to use before blogger events or going out to meet up with friends as I may get to see people I don't see often within the Summer but I love the strong scent from this product and it leaves skin feeling so god damn smooth and soft. It is worth trying as the full version is slightly expensive.

From The Body Shop Website

I hope that you have enjoyed this haul post. If you've tried any of the products mentioned then comment with what you thought about them. I can't thank the staff at the Leeds Briggate store enough but I hope to see you next time for another post.


Jamie x

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