Tuesday 9 June 2015

My Sexuality

Meow. This is the blog post that I am scared to write, upload and even share so try not to be too harsh please... I hope you learn something/enjoy the blog post...

So as you can tell from the title, this blog post is going to be all about my sexuality so I am sorry if I end up rambling but I am slightly classing this as a bit of a coming out post as I have never talked about my sexuality in detail within a blog post.

So, I am gay... Finally,  you all know and yes I have been out of that closet for a good few years but I have been thinking about exactly what is my sexuality lately and I thought I would talk about it because thats the best way to get things off your chest.

Everyone has kind of known that I wasn't exactly straight due to my mannerisms and things like that so when I did come out it wasn't really a surprise. I kind of just let everyone realise instead of shouting about it and if you have me on Twitter or anything like that then you will know that I don't really talk about my sexuality but I will talk and tweet about who I like and that kind of clears everything up as I think that labels shouldn't exist so if I don't say that I am a label then a label isn't really attached to me.

Last week, someone actually asked what my sexuality was and I had to think as this would instantly mean that I am put into a label and then stereotypes can be applied to me and I don't like that at all but I realised at the same time that there isn't really a sexuality that I fit into. This sounds weird but I shall explain.

I like the same sex as myself which makes me homosexual. I only like girls as a person and I don't think of them sexually yet I'm not interested within sex or relationships. I don't like the sound of a relationship due to my anxiety and other reasons and I just don't think that sex is all that it is,,, I just want someone that I can talk to yet understands me and undersrands that I may want to cuddle or just to talk yet that sounds like the basis of a relationship yet I don't want the rest of a relationship due to me being clingy.

I also hate sexuality and labels for one other reason. I basically don't know what sexuality a person is and if I like them then I have to do the awkward thing of asking them and then it becomes more awkward and I just hate it all... If sexuality didn't exist then I could just walk up to someone and try and flirt with them. I would become awkward but not as much. It would just help when I try to find someone cute.

I know that this has been a different blog post but I hope that you enjoyed the blog post/found something interesting. Don't forget to comment down below with your thoughrs. I hope to see you next time for another blog post.

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Jamie x

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