Monday 26 August 2019

My Top Ten Favourite Lush 30th Anniversary Bath Bombs Before Some Of Them Go From Stores

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about some of my favourite Bath Bombs, from the Lush 30th Anniversary Range. A fair few of them are slowly leaving stores, so before they go, I thought I would tell you which ones I love. (Most are staying via Lush Liverpool Spa and the website so if you like the sound of any, you can always get them that way.)

Black Rose

This one will be staying in stores, and there's a very good reason as to why! First of all, this bomb shares its scent with the Rose Jam family, which is already amazing in my opinion. Second of all, this product is not only a bath bomb, but also contains a Bath Melt. This means that you get the enjoyment of the fizz and the bubbling, and the creaminess from the Bath Melt at the same time. Another thing about this product that I love, is that the melt is coated in glitter, and well, who doesn't love some glittery goodness? The bomb is a bit on the expensive side, but you are getting two products in one, and it is quite big so you could chop it in half if you wanted to.

A spherical black and purple bath bomb with petals carved into it with a circular middle with gold glitter on a bright background

Turmeric Latte

This one is thankfully also staying. This is one of my most favourite bath products ever. (If you haven't checked out my pot about the Turmeric Latte Gel then click here.) This is spicy, sweet, smoky and just all round spectacular. It does pack a good amount of glitter. Saying that, it is also one of the creamiest and most conditioning products that I have ever tried. I can't use enough words to explain my love for this scent.

A spherical gold bath bomb with intricate squiggles engraved into tt with gold glitter on a bright background


It's a shame this one will be going from stores! This has been one of my all time favourite fresh bath bombs, along with Intergalactic. It's fresh and watery with a bit of a citrusy tang. It contains Cucumber and is based of a Japanese Demon, which I kind of love. I could see this returning at some point in some form. Maybe a Shower Jelly? Who knows?

A blue spherical bath bomb with two white circles and two black dots on a bright background

The Comforter

If you have read my blog for a while, then you will know that I have a very strong relationship with The Comforter scent. Creamy and fruity at the same time. I absolutely adore it! (I'm still salty that The Comforter Shower Cream still isn't a product, but hey ho.) Carrying on, when I heard that a The Comforter Bomb was coming out, I was ecstatic. This bomb is slightly creamy and nourishing with a Blackcurrant burst. I have to admit, that it is a bit more creamy than the renowned Bubble Bar, but I still think that it is an amazing product!

A spherical white and purple-pink Nath bomb with circles all over it on a white background

Yog Nog

If you haven't guessed, I love my sweet scents every once in a while. It's probably quite obvious from this post alone. Yog Nog is one of my all time favourite scents. Like Turmeric Latte, its sweet, slightly spicy and creamy, but Yog Nog has a distinctive sort of Burnt Toffee scent to it which makes it irresistible. (Nearlty irresistible enough to eat it, thankfully I've resisted the urge a fair few times.) This one is sweet but has a bit of a bitter note from Clove and Cocoa Powder, which makes it the best bomb for when you want to shut yourself away from everything and just soak for a bit.

A gold white and orange bath bomb on a bright background

Star Spell

I always love to wish upon a star. Sadly this is another bomb that will be leaving stores soon. I love this bomb, because it smells of the Carrot/Snowman scent. (The Carrot/Snowman scent always makes me remember the Carrot Soap that had a white bunny engraved on each slice, do any of you remember that product?) It's citrusy but with a sort of deep scent to it. I also love Star Spell because, well, you get two bath bombs that creates a surprise in the bath when you push the two halves together. It also has so much Popping Candy in it, that, crackles for a very very long time.


Foxes are always adorable! I love this product because not only does it have such an intricate design on it to represent a fox in Japanese culture (I only know Kitsune from Anime programmes that I've watched, oops), it also has such an amazing smell. This product fizzes a bit and foams a bit which is amazing, but, it also has a bright yet slightly peppery Lemon scent which just makes you feel that little bit happier. If you haven't tried this one, then I urge you to.

A ridged yellowy white seashell based bath bomb on a bright background

Groovy Kind Of Love

Everything groovy, baby! This is one of the prettiest Bath Bombs that I have used in a long time. It's colourful and just emits happy vibes into the atmosphere as soon as you drop it into the water. This bomb also has a sort of Bubblegum scent to it which weirdly uplifts you when you use it. I say weirdly, because well Bubblegum is normally sickly and sweet whereas this version of Bubblegum has a sort of fresh note to it. If you're wondering if its like Snow Fairy, then trust me when I tell you that it is nothing like Snow Fairy. It's also in Shower Gel form on the website. I was tempted to get this when I got the Turmeric Latte one, but I limited myself to one and well, I was just that little bit more interested in seeing what Turmeric Latte would be like in a shower gel form.

A ridged oval bath bomb coloured with red, yellow, blue and purple on a bright background

Marshmallow World

I wish I could have a Marshmallow as a cushion to sleep on! It does contain natural Marshmallow Root Powder which makes it Vegan. This also contains Granulated Sugar which gives your skin a slight bit of a scrub in the tub. This World smells just like American Cream, which is slightly creamy and powdery. it honestly reminds me of a mix between Strawberry Milkshake and Parma Violets. This bomb is also super nourishing and is one of those slightly slow fizzes. This means that you can relax and soak whilst you slowly watch the bomb fizz foam and dissolve, compared to those that fizz and dissolve very quickly, I love anything American Cream/Big scented.

A white and pink spherical bath bomb with a light pink strip in the middle of it on w bright background

Karma Yantra

Karma, Karma, Chameleon! You come and go! Sadly, it's going from stores. I love anything Karma scented. I love the sweet scent of Orange mixed with spicy Patchouli. I can only really enjoy it when I'm in the right mood but when I am, oh my god, give me all of the Karma! The design on this bomb is so pretty and instantly gives me sort go Zelda vibes for some reason? I love how this one foams up. This bomb also gets stronger throughout the duration of the bath.

A orange disco with a yellow rim around the outside with a yellow triangle with triangles inside that on a bright background

There you have it, my top ten favourite Lush Harajuku/30th Anniversary Range. Have you tried any if the products mentioned? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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