Thursday 8 August 2019

Meow! I've Got Cattitude! | Kitty Café Leeds

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Kitty Cafe Leeds a while ago, and I thought that today, I would tell you if the experience was purr-fect or not. (That was a bad pun, I know. Ah well.)

A zoom in picture of a white cat showing a grumpy expression on their face on a light brown square cushion on a bright background

'Following on from the success of our original Nottingham Café, we’re delighted to come to Leeds to share the Kitty love! We’ve converted a beautiful old building in town into a paradise of comfy chairs, fabulous food and of course, dozens of beautiful cats.' - Kitty Cafe Leeds' Website.

Myself and my friend Alex, decided to check out Kitty Cafe Leeds, as they had an offer where you could book two hours, for one. I love a deal so it made sense to check out the wonderful Cafe then.

Before entering the cat cafe itself, we were asked to read a set of rules and sign in. The rules consisted of things including, not picking up the cars and not disturbing them if they were sleeping, which is more than understandable. The sign up was to mainly check how many people were in the cafe, I believe? We signed in and was escorted to a little table with two comfy chairs, surrounded by a water feature, scratching posts and ledges for the cats to rest on.

A square room with bright rectangular windows with dark chairs and light brown poles and water features on a bright background

We sat down and perused the menu for a couple of minutes. After not being able to decide for a couple of minutes, I decided to go for a Coke and a slice of Black Forest Gateaux. (Side note: I love Black Forest anything, especially the Black Forest Hot Chocolate that is normally on Costa's Festive Menu.) Alex decided to get a pot of Lychee Jasmine Tea and a Banoffee Cheesecake. I loved the Black Forest Cake. Quite chocolatey, with a hint of Cherry. I love a tiny bit more Cherry in my Black Forest but I loved it as it meant that the fruit enhanced the sweetness of the Chocolate. I enjoyed a bit of the Banoffee Cheesecake too. I love anything Banoffee. I know Banana is a love or hate thing, in both texture and taste, but I like it. I love Cheesecake! Honestly, give me Cheesecake any day of the week! My only critique with it, is that I wish it had more Banana in it, but that's just a personal thing.

A triangular shaped piece of dark brown chocolate cake with a dark red jam speckle in the middle with white cream on top on a square white plate

A triangular shaped light brown cheesecake with a white cheese layer topped with pale yellow bananas and golden caramel sauce on a square white plate on a bright background

We played with a fair few Kitties. There was a bright white Persian Cat (I think it was a Persian Cat) that was and is an eternal mood. Not just from their facial expressions, but from the fact that all they wanted to do was to be lazy in bed. Don't we all just want to do that with our lives for, well, eternity? When they did escape the bed/cushion, it was for a quick wander before getting back to where they were before.

A zoom in picture of a white cat showing a grumpy expression on their face on a light brown square cushion on a bright background

Another cat that kept coming back for strokes and attention, was, a sort of white with orange and brown patches cat. They would come straight over and then go back to hiding which was adorable.

The final kitty. that may have stolen my heart just a little bit was Pud. Pud is my spirit kitty through and through. Everyone needs a Pud in their life, or at least to go to Kitty Cafe Leeds to meet Pud. Pud was the majestic beast that had their own bridge. By this I mean that they were sprawled against the bridge and wouldn't move from it, but if your dream is to be the most majestic being in the world, then isn't Pud showing you that it's possible? I could spend all year with Pud.

A long dark brown and ginger tinted cat lad out on a large light brown bridge on a bright background

A person wearing a striped shirt wearing rectangular black braces with grey jeans reaching out to stroke a brown cat on a light brown bridge on a bright background

I spent some more time with the kitties, chatted with Alex about a plethora of things, got some pictures of the cats and myself playing with the cats and then decided that it was time to go. Well by decided, I mean the cafe was closing so we had to go before I was dragged out for wanting to spend more time with the kitties...

Check out Kitty Café Leeds.

Have you checked out Kitty Cafe Leeds, or any of the Kitty Cafes? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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