Friday 30 August 2019

Glowing Greater Than The Gods | Revolution Beauty Liquid Highlighter & x Soph Highlighter Look & Review

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that, today I would talk to you all about some Highlighters that I have been trying out lately. If makeup isn't your thing, then check out some of my other posts. If you love makeup then carry on reading. 

Revolution are a well known high street beauty and makeup brand, Revolution are well known for creating amazing products at very affordable price tags. Revolution are also known for their ranges that are in collaboration with influences and their top notch highlighter ranges, As I've only heard god things about their highlighter ranges, I thought that it was time to try a couple of them.

Me with short dark brown hair wearing round green and black glasses wearing a blue t-shirt with a picture go a white and blue dog on it with red dungarees over the top with a shine all over my fave to represent the highlight on a bright background

This is my first proper makeup review so please don't judge me if it isn't the most informative. 

Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Starlight 

As I have been watching a fair few drag makeup tutorial videos, that start off with putting down a liquid/cream layer of makeup before putting on a powder version on top, I thought that it would be good to get a liquid highlighter and a powder highlighter to ensure that I got the most shine possible. I wanted to be glowing greater than the gods.

I walked into my local Superdrug, and scoured the store for the highlighter section on the Revolution stand. When I had found it, a problem arised, I had no idea what shade I was, so I decided to swatch a couple of the testers on my hand to see which one matched the best. After deciding that Starlight was the one that matched my nearly as pale as a vampire's skin, another problem happened. A lot of the ones in my shade were already somewhat open. After a fair few moments, I found a unopened Starlight. I grabbed it like it was the ring from Lord Of The Rings and made my way to the till very quickly. (My precious...)

The product comes in a sort of metallic finished bottle with a pipette to get the product out. I love the packaging alone, because well I love anything with a metallic finish. It's also sleek and compact therefore its easy to fit into any makeup bag. It took me a few times to properly master the getting as much as I want from a pipette technique, but once I did I loved what came out.

The colour is a sort of white to silver sheen with a touch of pink to it which I love. As I said, my face is pretty much near to the same colour as a pale vampire, so having a bit of a pink undertone in my highlighter means that it will warm my face a touch and just make the silver pop that little bit extra. I love this colour too because even before applying it, I could tell that it was going to make me shine bright than well the Sun during a British Heatwave weekend.

The highlighter blends onto the skin beautifully. It has a creamy texture and could be used mixed into a foundation to give it a more glow look. I loved the shine from this alone and it lasted for a good couple of hours. The best way that I found to use it was to blend it with a wet beauty sponge as a brush wasn't doing much.

This highlighter was £6 when I purchased it which is a great price for any high street highlighter.

Soph x Highlighter Palette 

I got this a while ago, after Michelle used it on me before going on one of our epic nights out. These always start with catching up and end up with us both having no voices from singing. This palette contains 8 different highlighter shades to suit most shades of skin. I only use the first four due to my skin being very pale. (Read the Liquid Highlighter to find out how pale my skin is...) I mainly use a mic of all four or the top two in the left corner. (I have zero idea on the shade names.) This creates a very shiny powder highlight that can be built up for more intensity. I used the top two on top of the liquid highlighter for more shine, and, because well, there was a heatwave when I was using them so I needed to ensure that the liquid highlighter didn't end up melting down my face.

There was a bit of fall out with this one, but most powder highlighters have a tiny bit of fall out. I used this all over the body and the face, but this could be used wherever you want, I think that its an amazing palette and if you mix some of the shades together, it can create a unique shade for yourself.

This palette was £10 which is an amazing price for 8 highlighters. It is more than worth the money and there is a good amount of product in each pan.

Final Thoughts

I would give the Revolution Liquid Highlighter a 9/10. The only fall down was getting the amount that I wanted out of the pipette and I would give the Soph X Highlighter Palette a 9/10. My own critique would be about the slight fall out but that's expected with all powder products.

Check out Revolution Beauty.

Have you checked out any of these products? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!
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