Wednesday 16 August 2017

Whats In My Everyday Bag


Welcome to another blog post! I know that this seems like such a cliche blog post to publish but I thought that some of you might want to fin out what I carry on a day to day basis.

I like to ensure that I have some essentials in my bag for when I'm on the go/doing things such as bloggers events as it means that I dont spend time frantically running around the house looking for stuff and instead I can ensure that I've got everything ready and leave the house in a calm and organised manner.


Who can ever go out without a bag> Bags are the epitome of going out to me as they're multipurpose via being an accessory for your outfit whilst it can hold a plethora of items for things such as meetings, events and much more. At the moment, I'm loving this leather Messenger Bag from Voyager as it's great with any outfit and has an amazing strap which means that its easy to carry.


Keys are always known for ending up at the bottom. That might be true, but if i didn't have my keys in the bottom of my bag then I'd be screwed. I always ensure that once I've unlocked/locked the door when I'm going out that I put the keys in my bag because then I know that they're in there and I've done what I've needed to. If I'm out and I want ton double check if I've locked up or if I have my keys on me then all I need to do is shake my bag until I hear the keys jingle.


It might seem a little excessive to carry a charger everywhere you go but smartphones are so temperamental sometimes so I like to make sure that I have my charger on me just in case my phone decides to die or that I've had a busy day with things such like emails where I've needed my phone a lot, It's mainly a precaution but it's always great to ensure that its in there!

Tea Tree Wipes 

Okay, I know that this might seem a bit weird but Tea Tree Wipes are the best thing to have in your bag at all times! It refreshes the skin when its warm and it helps spot proned skin. What's not to love about these?! I keep them in my bag for many things such as after a messy meal (eg a meal including ribs etc) or for when my skin feels a bit poop and it needs a touch of refreshment and revitalisation

Hand Cream 

Again, I have these in my bag for when a meal is sticky or if I'm shopping and someones not screwed a bottle on properly. It's also helpful to have hand cream in my bag due to guiding Luke as my hands get a bit dry from doing this sometimes so I can just grab some from my bag, apply and poof my hands are soft and smelling great again! If anyone is curious, at the minute, I have Being By Sanctuary's Chilli, Mango & Tonka Bean in my bag.


I like to keep a fragrance in my bag especially when I'm out for the full day because, well, fragrances don't last on your skin for the full day and normally need topping up especially if you're doing something like shopping for the day or running around doing errands. It also means that if I keep a certain fragrance in my bag then I can ensure that I can spray it when needed whereas if I'm changing what scents are going in my bag then I might forget to put one into my bag.

Whats in your bag? Let me know down below!

I hope that you enjoy this bag based blog post and I hope that you come back for another blog post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

This post was in collaboration with Voyager. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

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