Monday 21 August 2017

Talking About The Last Few Years | Education


Welcome to another blog post! As results day was last week, I thought that it would be a good idea to talk to you guys today about my experience with the education that is available to all citizens within the United Kingdom.

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Education is a weird thing in my opinion due to the fact that we go through it without any choice, we learn things that have been written into the history of mankind such as Kings and Queens, Sciences and social skills (that's just via primary education, when it comes to secondary education we're socialised to be submissive and behave like little puppets via things such as sanctions in the form of detentions) but then as soon as we've left, we forget everything that has been kept under lock and key in our minds via the summer holidays and then the cycle is repeated until instead of education, its a workplace.

I decided once that I was done with secondary education, that I would go straight into catering due to loving everything food based such as creating a dish from another chef all the way to messing about with different components to create a completely different dish for someone who has an allergy or an intolerance... I also definitely liked eating it too but who doesn't? Sadly after a while, I had to leave the kitchen due to the heat of it especially as I was having frequent anxiety attacks due to a plethora of things. Unfortantely, all of the above slowly made me lose my love of food and cooking and that is something that I'm still getting back in touch with to this day. After all the things that happened that year, I now dub it the year that I spent in the cubicles due to amount of attacks that I ended up having over everything.

After that I decided to brush up on my skills to ensure that I had everything ready for my life which I did, Within this year, I learnt quite a lot about myself and this is when the platform that I am talking to you on was created.

After that, I decided to do A Levels within Media, Film and Sociology where even though hurdles came up, I managed to jump over them. I also learnt that its good to sometimes be outspoken and sometimes be yourself. Within these two years, I learnt a plethora of things but the main thing that I have learnt is that people aren't always ignorant due to wanting to be ignorant but because society and socialisation have not taught them the information that they should know about the matter whether this be about sexuality, gender, mental health and much more.

I've jumped through many personal and unpredictable problems within the time that I have been in education but I have trumped through them all and I'm now going to University where I hope to carry on jumping through hurdles, smashing the glass ceilings of society and teaching other students about culture that they might not know of.

I hope that you've enjoyed this slightly rambly education post and I hope that you come back next time for another blog post.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

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