Friday 24 February 2017

Lush Spring (Mothers Day & New Products To All Stores) Range Round Up


Lush have released some new products to all stores after their Lush Summit that is held within Tobacco Dock London so I thought that I would tell you all about it. There is also some stuff thats exclusive to Oxford Street but as I live in Leeds I sadly can't really talk much about that. I also know that the Easter range has been talked about but sadly I won't be talking about that range until it is released to all stores so I can properly smell them.

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

This is a Mothers Day essential when it comes to Lush just like Snow Fairy at Christmas or Prince Charming at Valentines Day. This contains Fairtrade Organic Cocoa Butter which makes the base of Yummy Mummy hence this product being a Cream and not a Gel as its way more nourishing than a gel, Yummy Mummy also contains Geranium and Brazillian Orange Oils and Tonka Absolute which makes up a slightly floral but sweet scent. The only difference between this years version and last years is that this years version is slightly more sweet whereas 2016's version was heavy on the Geranium for me. It's £4.95 for 100g but there is other prices for other sizes.

A circle of purple shower cream on a white background.

Mum Bath Bomb

This bath bomb comes in two colours just like the Which Came First's at Easter time so you can choose between the two or buy both if you love the bath product! This product contains Organic Sweet Orange, Rose and Sicilian Lemon Oils. The product also contains Gardenia which when mixed with the Rose gives a floral yet deep scent. I smelt this one in the store and I think its one of those that would take me a couple of times of using to get used to personally. £2.95

A oval pastel pink bath bomb with Mum engraved in capital letters on a white background.

Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar: 

This one reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle due to the different colours that are going on within the bar. It is new for 2017 and I think that it is one that will be remembered just for it's design. I'd say that you could get a good 6 baths from this bar due to it being around the same size of The Comforter/Brightside bar but its up to you on how much or little you put into your bath. Your Mother Should Know contains Orange Flower Absolute, Grapefruit, Rose, Rosewood, and Neroli Oils. When I smelt it in store, I mainly got Neroli and Rosewood and thought that the Grapefruit was mainly in the background but everyone's noses are different so go into your nearest store and smell it for 5 yourself! £5.95 each

A circular bath bomb with sections of blue, yellow and pink on a white background.

Baa Bar

Baaaaa! This little sheep looks and is comforting on your skin! This cute critter contains Soya Milk which nourishes the skin, Bergamot, Clove Bud and Ylang Ylang Oils, Jasmine, Rose and Violet Leaf Absolute's and Lavender Powder. All of these ingredients are soothing and calming so I think personally that this would be best used before bed for adults and children alike! The Violet Leaf Absolute and Clove Bud Oil are main contenders scentwise as it reminds me of a more warming Ultraviolet. £3.95

White ovals with inner smaller black circles and smaller white circles on a light wood board with black cards and white writing.

Elsie The Giraffe (You're Having A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar

Elsie's in town and she's sticking around until Mothers Day! The background of this product is that one of the top people of Lush was with a friend and their daughter and the daughter was drawing and had a giraffe eraser with them for said drawings so the creator created this and named it Elsie after the daughter who was drawing. This giraffe contains Lime, Lemon and Grapefruit Oils so this is definitely one for any of you who love anything that's citrus based. £6.95

Two bright yellow bubble bars on a wooden lollipop on a white background.

Ups A Daisy Bath Bomb

If you're someone who loves a good flower then you will love this flower influenced bath bomb. Lush did have a bath bomb that resembled a flower lasr year called Daffodil but it was only available via gift sets/Oxford Street so maybe this is the improved all stores version? This bomb contains Rosewood Oil and Rose Absolute so it will have a deep scent to it. This particular product also contains two different types of Lustre so if you're not a fan of that then this bomb might not be for you. £3.50

A yellow flower shaped bath bomb with an inner light blue circle on a white background.

Scrubee Body Butter/Buffer

Scrubee is well looks like a Bee but gives you a good scrubbing at the same time. This product contains Fairtrade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fairtrade Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Honey to ensure that the skin is moisturised straight after the scrub. To get the scrub effect, Scrubee contains Ground Coconut Shells and Ground Almonds. Scrubee is technically a part of the Honey I Washed The Kids range as it contains Bergamot Oil and Brazilian Orange Oil. Sadly as it contains Honey, it is not suitable for Vegans. £6.95

A yellow oval shaped product with black stripes on a white background. 

Honey Lip Scrub

Everyone loves a good lip scrub!" The caster sugar sweethearts can be used via scooping some out of tub, scrubbing over your lips in a circular motion and licking off the excess. This one obvioualy contains Honey which sadly means that Vegans can't use this product but Honey does moisturise the lips beautifully and makes sure that the scrub isn't too harsh. This product also contains Organic Jojoba Oil which doubles the moisture in this scrub. Honey Lip Scrub also contains Vegan White Chocolate, Peppermint (which gives a slight tingle to the lips), Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Vanilla Absolute. I love this product as it tastes so damn irrestible and leaves the lips feeling amazing! £5.75

Circular glass pots containing yellow lip scrub with black lids black stickers and white writing saying honey lip scrub and lush with a white sticker stating the price placed on a wooden slab. 

Pink Custard

Do you remember the good old days where Pink Custard was the main thing served with your school dinners? Well Lush have turned the words Pink Custard into something completely different with their new shower jelly. If you're a fan of Think Pink Bath Bomb then you will love this shower jelly as it smells very similar! This gorgeous jelly contains Golden Syrup, Lavender and Neroli Oils Vanilla and Tonka Absolute's, Carrageenan Extract which makes the texture what it is and Coconut Milk. If you haven't smelt or tried out a shower jelly before then I urge you to go into your local Lush and give them a wobble and a sniff.

Pink shower jelly in a clear tub with a black label saying pink custard, a description of the product and a Lush logo on a background of other Lush products. 

Mother Earth is a Oxford Street Exclusive and as I am writing about the stuff that has came to all stores I didn't think there was any point including it, Check the website to find out more about Mother Earth. 

Plum Rain Shower Gel 

This shower gel is something completely new when it comes to scents as Lush have never really done anything Plum wise to my recollection. This has been living at Lush Oxfotd Street for quite a while but whilst living there the gel has visited the Lush Kitchen site a fair few times and as it has done so well at both places Lush decided to share it with the world. This shower gel contains an Umeboshi (Pickled Plum) Infusion, Fresh Plum Juice, Sicilian Mandarin Oil and a few other ingredients. This has such a deep intoxicating smell! I think the best way to put it is a mature distant cousin of The Comforter. £5.50 for 100g and other prices for other sizes.

A circle of dark purple shower gel with a couple of bubbles on a white background.

How To Use Mouthwash Tabs:

Pop one tab into the mouth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble and swish before spitting out. You can also dissolve a tab in a small amount of water and rinse the mouth that way. They can also be used throughout the day whenever you fancy a bit of oral refreshment!

Creme De Menthe Mouthwash

Lush have done what they do best when it comes to Creme De Menthe mouthwash. They've turned a great liqueur into an awesome oral product. This product contains Menthol crystals, Peppermint Oil, Peppermint Powder and Frosty Holly Lustre (weird I know but it will make your teeth sparkle!) If you love the scent of either Christingle or Intergalactic Bath Bomb then you will love these tabs! £5.95

Bright green rounded rectangular tabs on a white background,

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash

I love these mouthwash tabs. They provide something different than the general sort of mint flavoured oral products. You can only do mint so many times before it gets boring and what about those people who are allergic to mint? Huh?! These tabs contain Quinine which packs the same taste as Tonic Water, Lemon and Aniseed Oils and Gardenia Extract which creates a deep citrus taste that perks up your mouth for the day. Same price as above.

Pastel yellow rounded rectangular tabs on a white background.

Ugai Mouthwash

When I smelt this one I was a tad bit confused but when I used it I got that this one is for those who like things on the mild side. Ugai is based off the Japanese custom of gargling. This last mouthwash in the range contains Fine Sea Salt, Green Tea Powder and Tea Tree Oil which sounds like a weird mixture but they all work to make the mouth clean and to give a fabulous clean feeling in the mouth. Same price as the other mouthwashes.

Frosty blue rounded rectangular tabs on a white background.

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have found this post a little bit informative. Don't forget to check the Lush website or your local store if you want to purchase any of the above. I hope that you come back on Monday for another post!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Some of the images are Lush's therefore all rights are reserved to them. The Honey Lip Scrub, Pink Custard and Baa Bar pictures are my own. 

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