Monday 20 February 2017

Giving Some Luscious Love To Leeds | Trinity Leeds


I just thought I would do a short post as I think that a certain place deserves some loving.

Trinity Leeds is a shopping centre that has only been in Leeds for a few years but has made a marvellous mark on Leeds via the amount of brand new shops, cinemas and concepts such as the open to all Trinity Kitchen that the mall has brought with it.

Trinity Leeds has made shopping a completely amazing experience for myself via the quirky campaigns such as the photobooths for Leeds Pride and the kissing Christmas Tree, having blogging events held there such as the preview night of when Leeds was made in cake form or much much more.

The student nights that TL host are always amazing and as I had a VIP wristband I had the chance of browsing everything and checking out all of the vendors that were offering something for free for all of us poor students half an hour prior to everyone else being let in. The last student lock in had brands such as Jagermeister, Wagamama, Tortilla, Pho and many many more. I think that if I hadn't experienced this then I wouldn't appreciate all of the student offers that are available for what they are.

I also love Trinity Leeds for having it's open space with Caffe Nero as the space is a great place where you can meet up with friends for a hot drink, scroll on your phone or people watch. I love the comfy seats and the plug sockets but I absolutely adore that you're still within the centre of the mall instead of being encapsulated in a little store. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming.

Have you been to Trinity Leeds? Do you have a shopping centre that you adore? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this short post. This post isn't sponsored. I just thought that it would be amazing to advertise and talk about an amazing place.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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