Wednesday 22 February 2017

Let's Talk About Abusing Hashtags On Twitter Via Bloggers & How To Use Them Properly


If you're a blogger then you will understand what this post is about and for those who aren't then keep reading because I'm going to be throwing some serious shade within this post as it is needed. I feel like the blogging community may hate me/shun me for writing about this but I'm at that point where this topic needs to be shouted from all corners of the Earth so fuck it.

On Twitter, there are many different hashtags to look out for when it comes to blogging such as bblogger for all things beauty, fdbloggers for foodies and so forth. There are even ones that are based on where you are located within the UK such as leedsbloggers, MCRbloggers etc. There is a hashtag for every blogger basically but some of the hashtags that can help bloggers find things such as sponsored opportunities or events are hindered by certain bloggers that decide to abuse hashtags for their own advantage. For example using prrequest which a hashtag used so PR companies can share campaigns and opportunities easily to request things such as dresses, childrens toys, grooming products and other various things. Thats not what the hashtag was intended on! If you need a new dress then go out and purchase one. If your funds are low and you're in desperate need of a dress or children's toys then check places like eBay or Amazon. It stops people that are actually looking for opportunities as they can't find anything from the amount of personal requests.

If you're really wanting to work with a certain brand then it's easier to contact them via an email address and tell them why you would want to work with them. Don't just expect them to come to you via putting in a hashtag.

As I mentioned in my above little ramble, people abuse certain hashtags so I thought I would share how to properly use some well known hashtags just like I did via using prrequest as an example.


Use this one if you have a beauty based blog post to share or if you want to talk to bloggers about beauty based things such as finding a new lippie for a night out or what's the best brand for eye shadow/s etc. Don't use it just because you've written a beauty post before so you think you need to include it every time you share a new post.


This is just like prrequests but they are looking for well bloggers to help them on opportunites. Don't just apply for things as it is a freebie and it has nothing to do with your blog or you have no proper interest in it. Don't write posts about arts and crafts if you've never talked about it anywhere just because you're getting a freebie out of it because when you get to writing a blog post you either wont and that could lead to the PR company getting annoyed with yourself or worse. Just leave it and let someone else who is interested or who's blog is based around it have the opportunity.


This is for male bloggers to talk about anything such as grooming or fashion and to share blog posts created by them. This is where all the masculinity is in the blogging community (its funny because i'm in it and I'm not masculine at all.) It's not somewhere to advertise your brand just because you want sales of your products that men can wear to be boosted. That's basically free advertisement in my opinion.

I hope that this blog post hasn't rubbed you up the wrong way too much. I hope that you come back next time for another blog post.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x


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