Wednesday 22 February 2017

Jamie Spills The Tea | Get Tested


Welcome to another episode of Jamie Spills The Tea. I know that this series is meant to be about people within the LGBT+ community but I thought that I would talk to you all about something that the LGBT+ and well all the communities should be taking seriously which is getting tested.

Stock image of a hospital corridor.

Getting tested is normally connoted as a scary process but honestly its not that bad and if you need to get it done then its just best to bite the bullet and get it done with. Yes it might involve things such as an oral swab which might make you gag violently for a minute or so but its only for a minute. You also get to have a wonderful conversation with whoever is doing the testing. (Sidenote, can we just give a massive applause to all the staff who do this as they are amazing!)

Once that is done with, you do have the awkward and very anxious wait of getting the results but if there is anything wrong then they will help you out and if there is nothing wrong then you get the amazing and you can ensure that you keep on having an amazing day and life.

I just think that it's best for everyone to get tested to ensure that you're completely clean as a clean life is a great life. It might be best to research your local clinic.

I hope that this very very short post has educated slightly in any way possible. I know that it was shor but I thought that it was needed.

Keep having a great day. Come back next Wednesday for a more celeb filled Jamie Spills The Tea.

Thanks for reading!

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