Thursday 4 February 2016

Those Tech Items That Every Student Needs | Student Technology Essential's Guide


So today I thought that I would talk to you about what I think students should have technology wise to survive within the world of today. Now obviously you don't have to have all of these but these are what I think everyone should.

The first thing that I am going to say is camera. Now this can be either a digital camera or a DSLR but honestly I think that digital cameras are a lot cheaper for students and a lot more compact so unless you know that you are going to use a DSLR then it is probably best to buy a digital camera. They come in handy if you want to take pictures of your adventures, any parties that you go to or can come in very handy if you create YouTube videos in your spare time as most come with a recording feature as I have heard good things about the Lumix range of cameras from other friends who film YouTube videos.  I like these ones from Panasonic. Click Panasonic Compact Camera's to find out more about them!

The next thing that I am going to suggest is a phone. Yes I know you're all going to be thinking that this is a necessary one but we all know that sometimes we go to a party, end up getting a bit too drunk then the next thing that you know you have a massive crack down the middle of your phone and it doesn't work anymore bexause you dropped it down the toilet... So to elaborate, my next piece of essential tech is a working mobile phone. This means that you can do everything that you need to on the go whether that is Snapchatting someone the night after a party to ensure they're still alive or checking emails from lecturers to ensure that your essay went in five minutes before the deadline. We all obviously have different budgets but Apple do offer a student discount and O2 also offer a student discount which means you'll save some money either way. I'm not going to link this one because there is so many phone companies and so many networks you can just search for it if you need a new phone. I normally stick to Apple and O2 because that's what works for me.

Following on from the phone one, get a good case. If you have a flimsy/really cheap case then it might fall apart and you have the risk of breaking your phone whereas if you buy a really good case then you know that its safe and sound even if you drop it by accident. Even though the case that I have found is £25, it does survive in a good chunk of feet worth of dropping and is everything else proof. You can also get a student discount on Amazon and you can get 6 months worth of Prime for free which includes Next Day Delivery as well. Click here to see the charger.

You need a good laptop. This is an obvious one. Everyone might have a different budget or a preference of a brand but the best laptop that you can probably get is a Macbook Pro. As I said in the previous paragraph Apple have a student discount so you'll save money but Currys PC World have some great offers on normally so you can save money either way. Laptops are great for essays, procrastinating and much more and are essential if you're on the go quite a lot. Click here to view the Macbook.

Earphones. I don't know whether or not you can class this as a piece of technology as it is more of an accessory but it is very essential. It can do anything from helping you travel places to see friends or maybe to go to gigs all the way to helping you get on with essays when you have two hours before the deadline and you realise that you actually need to do it. Click here to view the Earpods.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Do you class any of these as your essential bits of technology? Let me know down below! I know that I shoved student discount down your throat but it does help quite a bit when you're purchasing stuff and it justifies spending a bit more on things. I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Jamie x

This blog post was in collaboration with Panasonic Lumix Compact Camera's. All views are my own within this blog post.

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