Saturday 30 January 2016

How To Do Valentines Day As A Single Person

Okay so I know that it is a bit early to be even mentioning the dreaded VD words (not the disease from Friends but Valentines Day) but as I have seen a few bloggers publish their Valentines Day orientated blog posts I thought that I would publish mine a bit early. (P.S: Like a lot of my posts, the photos aren't mine but I shall link their source in the caption...)


The first thing that any single person needs on Valentines Day is alcohol. I am not going to say a specific type of alcohol as everyone has different preferences but make sure you have a good few bottles of your favourite alcoholic drink as you can drink your thoughts/feelings away throughout the day and then at midnight you can always drunk dial your ex yelling at them telling them what they have missed out on...

Netflix/Films/Box Sets:
We all need Netflix or some sort of digital entertainment on Valentines Day whether that is watching whilst 'chilling' with someone or bingewatch multiple TV series on your own within one day. It's a great way to spend the day and also you can live vicariously through a characters relationship... (I'm into living vicariously via Connor Walsh's relationship on How To Get Away With Murder/any of the relationships on Pretty Little Liars...)

Ice Cream:
We all need Ice cream when watching something. You can either think that the ice cream is your ex's heart and then scoop it out viciously or let it melt until it is just liquid and just add some of your alcohol to it and drink it as a cocktail...


We need something carb heavy to soak up all that alcohol... Pizza is also the ultimate food to eat whilst watching something as you can just pick it up and smoosh it into your mouth. You can also make it into a heart shape before baking or you can always just ask whoever you're ordering from to make into a heart shape then you can imagine its someone that you hate and then break their heart into many different pieces...

Bath Products: 

Bath products always make me feel that little bit more relaxed so you can have one then when you get out and check Facebook/other Social Media you won't be tempted to throw your phone at a wall because of all the lovey dovey stuff on your screen...


This is an obvious one. There is thousands of offers on chocolate within the Valentines Day period so you might as well as get them when they're on a discount... You can also play Chocolate Roulette where you pick a chocolate at random and hope for the best flavourwise...

I hope that you have enjoyed this little guide to doing valentines day as a single person. I hope that you have a fun Valentines Day whether you're single, in a relationship, friends with benefits etc. I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Jamie x

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